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A bit different Divus type of Constantine I


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Finally got around to taking a pic of another coin I found in a pick bin at the FUN show. I thought it was the basic IVST VEN MEM type for Constantine I but a second (and third) look showed a longer reverse legend,

Divus Constantine I, Ae Half Nummus, Alexandria mint (15.2mm, 1.0gms)

Obv: DV CONSTANTINVS P T AVGG; Veiled bust right

Rev: IVST VENER MEMOR; Aequitas standing left holding scales and transverse scepter, (SMALA) in exergue

Ref: RIC 28


I collect Constantine coins and never even knew this coin existed.

Got any coins that are a bit different than the typical version?



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I've actually never seen this type. I have several of the  quadriga ferrying Constantine to heaven, both with and without the hand of god (manus dei) as well as the type of the togate Constantine on the reverse. I will not bore you with those. Mine came from uncleaned hoards, a few of which cleaned up well. Great pic bin find!

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Great find! A quick search on acsearch shows about 10 other specimens. Roma numismatics deems it 'very rare'. Curiously, I thought that DIVVS editions show a more Christian themed reverse, while aequitas is associated with the religious propaganda of the emperor and adherence to the roman gods... 

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