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Today I had to re-attribute a coin!


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So I have this coin for a couple of years now that I bought from Numiscorner, I only got it for the depiction of dancing Krishna and didn't care about who issued it.


The initial attribution was from Madurai Nayakas between 16-18th century, despite ruling the Tamil speaking region, their coins had Telugu script on them, for example below is an actual coin from Madurai Nayakas featuring goddess Meenakshi standing in her sanctum, and on the reverse it reads Sri Vira in Telugu.


Whereas I've always had my doubts whether the Krishna coin actually had Telugu script as the lettering resembled more of a Tamil script to me. And recently my hypothesis was confirmed as I've come across a new coin type that i've never heard, issued under Thanjavur Nayakas under the name of not the king, but a minister and a scholar called Govinda Dikshitar, as the king wanted to honour him for his contribution to Carnatic music he issued coins featuring Vaishnavite gods and his name in Tamil. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Govinda_Dikshita

Couple of coins to support my idea. the top one has the lettering in the same order with the letters கோ வி (Go-Vi), whereas the bottom coin shows Krishan with a similar dancing pose. 


And this is my coin where I've traced the name Go-Vi onto the off-centred legends.


I think I came to the right conclusion, what do you guys think? paging @quant.geek for some expert opinion!

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