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NYINC was a blast! I had a great time attending both Thursday and Friday. A number of people recognized myself when I came to various booths and asked for Late Byzantine Coins…I suppose there are not that many of us out there!


My favorite coin that I got to see and handle at the show was the Licinius facing aureus at the kunker auction preview. Its a number of zeros outside of my budget so I am glad to have seen such a great type I don’t collect nor could feasibly own.


Another interesting piece at the show was this EID MAR denarius. While I think the type is pretty overrated and uninteresting in terms of artistry, it felt like a coin of enough renown to stop for a photo and to handle. The curious prison case it was held it somehow had more plastic than a slab. At least this could be opened up to see the coin raw.


A fun piece to hold is this medallion of Saint Nicholas from the Goldberg auction preview. It is a strikingly large piece with a lovely emerald patina. While it wouldn’t fit in my collection, it was an enjoyable item to see.


My Purchases:


First up is an unpublished trachy of Michael VIII Palaeologus. I bought this from a very kind dealer whos father immigrated from Greece, thus why the dealer carried some Byzantine. I initially bought the piece for its condition alone but lucked out later to see it is actually in non of the references. I do feel a little bad about this coin because I would not have haggled the price down had I known what it was. At least it is going from one collector who loved it to another! This is definitely my best deal of the show at $45.


I purchased this trachy from the Harlan J Berk booth. Aaron pulled some of the late Byzantine coins from the back for me. Marked at $175, I haggled this down to $75! Its an incredibly detailed coin with fully intact portraiture and partially preserved legends, making this one of the finest known of a very rare issue.


The Educational Coin Company had literal bags full of Byzantine bronzes! Sorting through them took almost an hour which was spent in enjoyment and ultimately rewarded. I found four rare tetartera, the top row of which are particularly interesting to me due to rarity.

Top Left (John III Vatatzes):


Top Right (Theodore II Lascaris):


Bottom Left and Right (John III Vatatzes):


And last but not least:


I picked up a small abafil case to house one of my subcollections. Overall, it was a great show and I especially enjoyed meeting everyone. On the topic of spending $125 to attend the Thursday show, Im not sure the quality of coins offered the two days differed much if at all for myself. However, I found Thursday to be infinitely more relaxed than Friday when it came to shopping. For the peace and ability to spend however long I wanted at each booth without crowds of people waiting behind me, I would say the price was well worth it. 

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