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Does anyone happen to have a copy of Stukeley 1757?

Harry G

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Hi all!

I was just wondering if anybody has a copy of The Medallic History of Marcus Aurelius Valerius Carausius, Emperor in Britain by Stukeley that they'd be willing to send a picture of a plate XXIX, or know where I can access one? I've tried looking for it on Google Scholar, but no success. It was published in 1757, so I'm guessing it's quite uncommon

The coin in question is my unusual wolf & twins antoninianus of Carausius, with an unusual mintmark in the exergue, which I now believe to be a CLA. I managed to find the coin referenced in RIC, with Stukeley, XXIX (2) referenced at the side



And here's the reference in RIC



If anyone has the reference, or knows where to find it, I'd be very grateful!


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