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Chinese New Year, Year of the Hare, starts on Sunday, January 22nd, so let's see your cwazy wabbits!


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19 minutes ago, Deinomenid said:

Dead one here hare here.

Sicily, Akragas, c. 420-410 BC. AR Hemidrachm
Hemidrachm (15mm, 1.66g, 12h). Eagle r., clutching hare in talons. R/ Crab; below, fish r. Cf. Westermark, Coinage, 554; SNG ANS 1010; HGC 2, 103-4. Porous, near VF


Nice coin, @Deinomenid. I picked up a similar hemidrachm last year. I like the designs on both sides of the coin. 🙂



Sicily, Agrigentum. AR Hemidrachm circa 420-410,
Obv: Eagle left, clutching hare in talons.
Rev. Crab; below, fish r.
Westermark,Coinage, 545. SNG ANS 1010.
16.00 mm, 2.03 g.


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12 hours ago, Deinomenid said:

@happy_collector those leaves are  usually described as bay/laurel (occasionally olive too where they  are  assumed to be an association with victory  in a given race).  No-one really knows and  Apollo is often hauled up whenever laurel is mentioned too 🙂



Thanks for the additional info, @Deinomenid

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This is not exactly what you'd call a coin.  I picked up this carving several years ago on eBay, when a group of Inuit soapstone carvings appeared on a seller auction over a few weeks.

Inuit carving of an Arctic hare, by Moses Smith (1932-1984).



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