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Does anyone collect Chinese crowns and fractionals?


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I used to have more, but the population has dwindled over the years, so I am down to just a few.

This is the only dragon tael crown that I own.  Unfortunately it is hairlined, probably someone's attempt to remove some scratches.  Still it is nicely toned.

China, Sinkiang Province, no date (1905), tael (sar).

Y 7

35.39 grams



This dollar was purchased from Harlan Berk back in the late 1980s.  It does have some contact/bag marks, overall a VF, I think.  This is supposedly a rarer variety, with two grass blades beneath the right rear tire, as opposed to the more common three, if you're counting blades of grass.

China, Republic, Kweichow dollar ("auto dollar), year 17 (1928), First Road of Kweichow.

Y 428

26.74 grams


26.74 grams 


The only other crown that I've photographed is this Chinese Soviet dollar, purchased from a San Francisco dealer, Al Tom, over thirty years ago.

Chinese Soviet Republic dollar, 1934.


26.0 grams




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Emperor: Guang Xu
Province: Jiangnan (Kiangnan)
Obv: In the center: Guang Xu Yuan Bao 光緒元寶, in Chinese and Manchu.
Above: 江南省造, read backwards (Jiangnan Province).
Initials HAH for the director of the Nanjing Mint, H.A. Holmes, 2 dots.
Jia Chen 甲辰 =1904
Bottom: 库平七钱二分, read backwards (value indication).
Value: 1 dollar
Year: 1904
Material: silver, 27.16g, 39.6mm
Literature: Y#145a.13


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I used to have a couple. Probably should have held onto them since the prices have increased so much. Really like that "auto dollar". I've never owned one but if given the right opportunity I would mind adding one someday.

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