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I made a gold coin... well a blank tbh!


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I happened to get my hands on a gram of scrap gold, and recently I've been watching some jewellery making on youtube, while I can't do much with a gram of gold, I thought why not mint a coin! Luckily I didn't need any elaborate set up, as the 'Tradeflame' kitchen torch that I already have heats up enough to melt gold!

Here's the process,



Well this technically makes it my first coin of 2023?!

Looks like I didn't lose any gold, and has a diameter of 16mmx13mm.Only if I had an engraved die! 

So much work for a tiny bit of coin, makes me appreciate those ancient mint workers who had to slave away in hellish conditions to produce such coins we enjoy today!



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P.S. I admire your patience and skill. Since I saw (and admired) your previous projects, I think you have the necessary talent to create something that resembles a coin even more. I know you created some dies in the past and the results were intriguing (in a positive way)

P.S. 2 - the "coin" looks like it has Victory flying left, with wreath in hand, on obverse and the golden fleece on reverse. Nope, I am not drunk.

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On 1/5/2023 at 7:50 AM, CPK said:

Very cool!

Here you go @JayAg47. I hope I've described/attributed it correctly. 😜


I literally LOL-ed @ that.

I too have often wondered what it would be like to do something like this.  I’d likely end up creating something thin and medieval in appearance.

If I had any engraving skill at all, which I do not.

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