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A Numerian to start 2023


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I made a couple of purchases towards the end of the year in 2022 that didn't make it to me before Christmas but managed to squeeze in the gap between Christmas and the New Year, I haven't had a chance to process it fully until today.

I therefore present this coin as a start to my collecting in 2023.

Obv:– IMP C NVMERIANVS AVG, Radiate, cuirassed bust right
Rev:– VIRTVS AVGG, Virtus standing left holding Victory, who is holding a wreath and palm, and an inverted spear
Mint – Lugdunum (C | _) Emission 9 Officina 3. Summer A.D. 284
Reference(s) – Cohen 103. Bastien 616 (3 examples cited). RIC 400 Bust Type F.

4.74 g, 23.69 mm. 0 degrees

This is quite a scarce type for Numerian and comes from an issue containing some other unusual types. I hope to gather more of them as time progresses.

The dies on this example were made with more detail than some of the others known to exist, which are more abstract in their depiction of Virtus. A pleasing example overall with some areas of silvering remaining.

Bastien on cited 3 examples but a few more examples have emerged in hoards since the original publication. It is still a scarcer reverse type for Numerian. There is a parallel type in this issue where Virtus holds a globe rather than Victory. I will bide my time for one of those....


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Very nice coin, especially with this rare reverse. I have a number of Numerian Antoninianii. This is my personal favourite, because of the nice bust.

Mint: Ticinum

Date: 1. quarer AD 283



RIC 366. 3.66 g.




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Very nice, @maridvnvm! What an appealing reverse type, too!

Here's my most photogenic coin of the man.

Numerian, Augustus AD 283-284.
Roman billon Antoninianus, 4.09 g, 20 mm.
Cyzicus, Feb/Mar 283-Nov 284.
Obv: IMP C NVMERIANVS P F AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: CLEMENTIA TEMP, Numerian standing right, holding short scepter and receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter standing left, holding scepter; officina mark B in field; in exergue, XXI.
Refs: RIC 463; Cohen 8; RCV 12243.

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My only Antoninian:


Antoninian, Lugdunum Mint
Obv.: IMP C M AVR NVMERIANVS AVG, Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Rev.: PAX AVGG, Pax left, holding olive branch and sceptre, A in right field
3.25g, 21.4x23.8mm
Ref.: Bastien 534, RIC 393 var.

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A great way to begin the new year, @maridvnvm. I see that Virtus was still baring her breast after all those years.

Here's my one Numerian:

Numerian, AE Antoninianus, Feb/Mar 283 [promotion to Augustus] - Nov. 284 [death of Numerian], Ticinum Mint [now Pavia, Italy] (6th Officina). Obv. Radiate and cuirassed bust right, IMP NVMERIANVS P F AVG / Rev. Providentia* standing facing, head left, holding corn ears with right hand over modius at feet left, and holding dpe in right arm, PROVIDENT AVGG; in exergue, VIXXI [6th Officina, 20/1 copper/silver ratio of alloy]. RIC V-2  447, Sear RCV III 12253, Cohen 83, Pink [Karl Pink 1949] p. 29, Series 4. 22.6 mm., 4.15 g. Ex. Pegasi Numismatics, Auction 41, Dec. 11, 2019, Lot 627. Formerly in NGC slab, Cert. No. 5768552-009, Graded AU, Strike: 5/5, Surface 4/5.) [For dating, see http://augustuscoins.com/ed/Carus.]


*Despite the reverse legend referring to Providentia, the personification depicted has the attributes of Annona (grain and modius) rather than Providentia (globe). The legend and image can be interpreted as conveying that the foresight of the Emperor has permitted the abundance of Annona.


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Cool addition Martin.

My preferred (and only 🙂 ) Numerian


Numerianus, AntoninianusTicinium mint, 5th officina, 2nd emission, Dec 282 CE
M AVR NVMERIANVS NOB C, Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Numerianus, seen from behind
PRINCIPI IVVENTUT, Prince of youth standing left, holding baton and sceptre. VXXI at exergue
3,35 gr, 23 mm
Ref : RCV #12219, Cohen #76, RIC vol V #366


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Very nice example, great portrait and I always like some original silvering.  Here is my only Numerian:

Numerian, Antoninianus, 283 A.D., (22 mm, 3.91 g), Rome mint, Δ = 4th officina, IMP C NVMERIANVS P F AVG Radiate and cuirassed bust of Numerian to right./ Rev. PIETAS AVGG / ΚΑΔ Mercury standing facing, head left, holding purse in right hand and caduceus in left. RIC 414.

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A great start for the year.
Here is my only Numerian - a low budget coin but a good deal for 16 euros


Numerian AD 283-284. Rome

Follis Æ

22 mm, 3,47 g

IMP NVMERIANVS AVG, bust of Numerian, radiate, cuirassed, right / VNDIQVE VICTORES, Numerian, draped, cuirassed, standing left, holding globe in right hand and sceptre in left hand; on either side, captive

MintMark: -/-//KAΓ; OfficinaMark: ς

RIC V Carus 423

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Haven't posted my only but unique Numerianus in this forum yet:image.png.85ded67ba90f61a50f0390131e32e622.png

IMP C AVR NVMERIANVS AVG - Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Numerian right, seen from behind /
MONETA AVGG – the three Monetae standing left, each holding scales above pile of coins in right hand and cornucopia in left
Bronze Medallion, Rome mint, 1.-10. August 283 (according to Pink)
32,55 mm / 20,87 gr / 12h
Cohen (2nd ed. 1880) Numerian Nr. 32 (this coin); Rollin & Feuardent: Catalogue d´une Collection de Médailles Romaines (Vol.3, 1880) Nr. 7205 (this coin)Gnecchi, I Medaglioni Romani (Vol 2, 1912) Numerian Nr. 9 (this coin); Wildwinds (this coin); Pink ("Die Medaillonprägung unter Carus und seinen Söhnen", 1958) Nr.18 (this coin discussed).
Auctions Jacob Hirsch 10.05.1909 (Consul Weber) Nr.2424; Naville VIII 25.06.1924, Nr. 1428; Schulman 243, 08.10.1966

Edited by Julius Germanicus
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