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Nero's 2022 Secret Saturnalia thank you thread - BCD, Indo-Greek, Kushan


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The regular Secret Saturnalia gives the details of the receipt of my very cheerful gift.

To make a long story short, it showed up on Saturnalia which made the day more special and festive.

Before I get to the coins, the package also included very nice locally-made (local to the giver) chocolates and treats.

EtTu, my generous benefactor, reached out to me.  Thank you for all the effort!  Given the circumstances I would have completely understood had the parcel arrived later than Saturnalia.

EtTu also thoughtfully provided images of said coins.  Photo credits to EtTu.


I'm a bit rusty at the later Indo-Greeks but I'm guessing that it's a 'posthumous' (or provincial mint, depending upon the theory) drachm of Hermaios.  Was he the same ruler that made the jugate busts with Calliope?

Coin two:


Ex-BCD AE of Krannon, Thessaly. I'm guesstimating that it's maybe c. 15 mm. I know nothing about mainland Greek AE's. Given that I now have a good picture I can find something like it in acsearch and learn more.  Perhaps EtTu could chime in about this type?

Coin three and my personal favorite:


It's my first Kushan coin. And what a charming type. As I understand it this one really is quite a bit nicer than Kushans usually turn up.  It's the elephant which makes it a hit for me, or as Gen Z'ers would say, "It's the elephant for me."  I'm interested in Kushan yet I never got around to getting one.  The 1990's HJB pick bins had gobs of Azes' AR Tets but my budget only allowed me to pick out my Byzantine wants.

The clear photo will allow me to discover exactly what type of Kushan coin it is.

The non-Krannon coins were ex CNG May 1, 2019, 443 lot 772 - Mixed Indo-Greek and Kushan lot.

Thank you so much for both the gift and the pictures, EtTu!  One could only imagine the blurred horrors that I would have produced.  It took quite a good photographer to photograph dark coins.  To describe my pictures, I'll borrow a catch-phrase from youtuber Dan Bell, "Oh, no!!!"

A special double thanks for the extra efforts required to get it to the post office.  The weather alone would have caused me to give up.

The card was put in a place of honor, the drawer in which I store family cards so they won't get lost.

Saturnalia turned out to be a special day.


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The various stresses of Christmas and the aggravation of my Mutual of Steve home insurance company had left me mildly depressed and bah-humbuggy.  I've never seen a company so bad at communication. They can't be bothered to even send an invoice and the primitive payment system stopped working. 

The Secret Saturnalia turned that frown upside down.   My Christmas will be over tomorrow and the home insurance thing will get worked out.  Last time something similar happened, I had to wait for the notice of cancellation to actually find out who my agent was so that I might call them. Perhaps its a sign to call around. I hope I can find a company with quarterly billing, the only thing which I liked about this company (it's a company with 1+ billion dollar revenue, according to Wikipedia, not a tiny firm). What probably happened was that the primitive payment system was changed and they didn't bother to notify me. Emailing customer service turned up no reply.

The Christmas tree lights will actually be turned on tonight and perhaps I'll bring out my grandparents' Magi, a Christmas tradition from Christmases past.

I'll listen to WDCB's very nice blues program and wrap the few physical gifts which I'll bring tomorrow.  I'll have to first rewatch the youtube video on neat gift wrapping.

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  • Benefactor

I have a Kushan piece, yours with the elephant is quite nice...


KUSHAN DYNASTY Vima Kadphises, 95-127 C.E.

AE Tetradrachm, 28mm, 16.5g, 2h.

Obv. BACIΛEΥC BACIΛEωN OOHMO MEΓAC OOHM KAΔΦICHC; Kadphises, standing facing, head left, sacrificing over altar to left and holding hand on hilt; to left, filleted trident behind, tamgha and club to right.

Rev: Shiva with three heads standing facing, holding trident in raised right hand and resting lowered left hand on bull Nandi standing to right, behind; tamgha above to left.with kharoshthi legend "maharaja rajadhiraja sarvaloga isvarasa mahesvarasa."

Mitchner 3040


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On 12/17/2022 at 8:08 PM, Nerosmyfavorite68 said:

I'm a bit rusty at the later Indo-Greeks but I'm guessing that it's a 'posthumous' (or provincial mint, depending upon the theory) drachm of Hermaios.  Was he the same ruler that made the jugate busts with Calliope?

Yep, imitating the ruler who issued the jugate bust type. Definitely not a provincial mint, it's very thoroughly posthumous.

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