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J. Greiff collection?


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Hello everyone,

Recently, I participated at an auction where many of the coins were marked as from the "J. Greiff collection." I bid on many of them not due to the provenance but because I liked the coins and didn't have these representatives.

The bidding was fierce and many went over what I felt they should have reached. Still, I wound up winning several coins from this collection.

I did some research on "J. Greiff" but couldn't find anything. Then, I was perusing VCoins listings and came across one touting a "superb pedigree" of the J. Greiff collection. So, now I'm curious. Does anyone know who is/was J. Greiff and if there's any importance to the collection - other than he had a good eye?

Note that, though all of my coins from his collection are Greek, I'm putting this in the 'General' section because he had Roman coins too, and the VCoins listing is Roman.

Here are some of my coins from his collection.


Macedon, Neapolis
Circa 375-350 BCE
AR Hemidrachm 1.75g, 13mm, 10h
Facing gorgoneion, with tongue protruding
Head of nymph to right; [N]-E-O-[Π] around; all within incuse.
SNG Copenhagen 227-8; SNG ANS 453; HGC 3.1, 588.
Ex J. Greiff Collection
Ex Roma



Thessaly, Perrhaiboi
Circa 400-344 BCE
Æ 7.17g, 22mm, 10h
Veiled head of Hera facing slightly to left
Zeus standing to left, holding thunderbolt and sceptre; ΠΕΡΡΑΙ -ΒΩ-[Ν] to right and left.
Rogers 438 var. (arrangement of ethnic); BCD Thessaly II 557; HGC 4, 156 var. (same).
Ex J. Greiff Collection
Ex Roma



Euboia, Histiaia
Circa 338-304 BCE
Æ 2.24g, 14mm, 3h
Head of the nymph Histiaia to right, wreathed with grapes, wearing pendant earrings and necklace
Forepart of bull walking to right, above, lion’s head to right, IΣ-TI below.
BMC 13; BCD Euboia 485; HGC 4, 1535.
Ex J. Greiff Collection
Ex Rom



Kingdom of Macedon, Amyntas III
Pella, circa 393-369 BCE
AR Triobol 1.71g, 13mm, 4h
Head of Herakles to right, wearing lion skin headdress
Eagle standing to left, head to right; AMY-N-TA around; all within linear border within incuse square.
Westermark, Remarks pl. LXX, 33; SNG Alpha Bank 200-2; SNG ANS 94; HGC 3.1, 830 ('hemidrachm').
Ex J. Greiff Collection
Ex Roma

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From what I have read on other forums and just googling a bunch of these collections and having nothing come up I assume that it is mostly a marketing tactic (not a lie, but definitely making it seem more credible). A lot of these collections just seemed to have been random people with a good eye as you put it.

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