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Not in RIC (vol. VI & VII)

Lech Stępniewski

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Hello everybody1

If you have (or know of) a coin that is not listed in RIC VI or VII, I would be grateful for posting it here. It would be nice if you would first check to see if this coin is not already on my site (http://www.notinric.lechstepniewski.info/), but it is not necessary.

Post the best (bigger) photo of this coin along with its weight and diameter. If the photo is very big, you can send it to my email. Any other information is also welcome. Also tell me how you would like to be credited.

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This one had been listed on eBay buy-it-now for $700, but was withdrawn a couple of days ago. No measurement or weight given.

It's a bust variant of RIC VII Lyons 24, with a victory on globe in place of an eagle-tipped sceptre.

It shares the dated obverse legend from RIC 24: CONSTANTINVS MAX AVG COS IIII


Listed on eBay is enough - no credit!


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This (top coin) was listed on eBay for a day, then withdrawn a couple of days ago. No size or weight given.

It's an unlisted no-PATRI reverse legend for this issue. It's not obvious whether this is a nummus or fraction. Closest nummus is RIC VI Trier 725 (MARTI PATRI CONSERVATORI), closest fraction is RIC 740 (MARTI PATRI CONSERV). The broken CON-SER reverse legend suggests a smaller module and therefore fraction.




RIC does list a corresponding no-PATRI PROPVGNATORI type, both as a nummus (RIC 732), and a fraction (RIC 742 "needs confirmation"). Both are very rare, and I've only seen one coin matching this description, below, weighting 5.9g (sold on eBay in December 2014). Without the size, it's inconclusive whether this specimen is a nummus or fraction, since the given weight of 5.9g is in-between what would be expected in either case.




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Hi @Lech Stępniewskiand All,

Here is an obverse legend variation for RIC VI, Alexandria, 46b (OFF B), pp 667 for a radiate fraction of Maximianus I Herculius Augustus (with Diocletian: Jul 285 - 305) from Alexandria, Egypt (officina B) 296 - 297 CE.


Rev legends: CONCORDIA MI - LITVM, B below globe, ALE in exurge

Coin was bought from eBay 18-Sep-2018 (eBay #29229716228). Seller: ZURQIEH_DUBAI (Dubai, UAE)

- Broucheion

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This type with the veiled bust and the DIVAE FAVSTIN AVG MATR CASTROR obverse inscription is not in RIC. The closest listing is RIC 749, which has a bare-headed bust.

Diva Faustina II, AD 147-175.
Roman AR denarius, 3.46 g, 18.1 mm, 6 h.
Rome, AD 176.
Obv: DIVAE FAVSTIN AVG MATR CASTROR, veiled and draped bust, right.
Rev: CONSECRATIO, ustrinum with four tiers, surmounted by biga.

Refs: RIC --; BMCRE 701-702; Cohen 81; RCV --; MIR 46-4/[19]; CRE 210.

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