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Cassius, Conspirator


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Although it is double struck this coin is one I am quite thrilled to own, from Brutus' co-conspirator and perhaps the instigator of the plot to assassinate Julius Caesar.  I have posted my notes on this coin and Cassius here: https://www.sullacoins.com/post/cassius-conspirator


Share your coins of the liberators or the Caesareans.

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Very nice, @Sulla80!

AR silver denarius. 
Struck circa 42 BC, at a mobile military mint moving with Brutus & Cassius, probably located in Smyrna. 
C CASSI IMP LEIBERTAS, veiled & draped bust of Libertas right. 
Reverse - LENTVLVS SPINT, jug & lituus. 18mm, 3.3g.
Craw 500-5

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15 minutes ago, Praefectus said:

That's fun @Praefectus, it hadn't occurred to me to look for a Syrian Tet - here's another character in that story from a year or two earlier - year 4.

Q. Caecilius Bassus, a supporter of Pompey, seized the province of Syria in 46 BC from Sextus Caesar (cousin to Julius Caesar) with help from the Parthians.  L. Cassius Longinus, arrived in Syria and managed to convince Bassus to turn over the province.   This coin struck 46/5 BC during the time of Bassus as governor.


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