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Belated Hello and Introductory Post


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I joined one week ago exactly but I felt it kind of weird to just drop into a new forum without introducing myself, even if some here already recognize me.

In real life I go by Jeff and I work in the mental health field as an LMHC. I have been collecting ancient coins since April 2011, and I am most enthusiastic about the history and coinage of the late Roman Empire (Valentinian I and later), the Germanic/barbarian kingdoms, the early Byzantine Empire (up to the end of the 7th century AD), and the Ptolemaic Kingdom. I will also dabble in other collecting areas from time-to-time. Its been a great and refreshing experience so far being on Numisforums (yes! This name won the poll!), and its awesome seeing a lot of familiar faces! Thanks for having me and thanks again to @Restitutor for giving us collectors a new place to call home!

- Jeff (ValiantKnight)

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Great to see you again!

thanks for posting. I think we are all just a few hours / days difference in joining the Forum. Big Fun for all of us!

I am just SHATTERED that “Coin Crap” did not win, but Numis Forums was my 2nd Choice... 😄 😄 😄 


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