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Well look at that!


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This is completely outside my area so I cannot determine if that coin is worth 375 dollars or 500 or 200. But I will repeat what a specialist told me when I was an absolute beginner in modern numismatics - 'don't rely too much on a price requested by a seller. You can use obtained prices at fixed sales or auctions and even those are sometimes irrelevant'

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5 hours ago, JayAg47 said:

After looking for this type on Vcoins for more than a year, this one just popped up today, only costs 4 times more than the coin I won at an eBay auction a couple months ago! Looks like these coins are getting expensive as the years pass!

Have you considered bidding at SARC?

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1 hour ago, Finn235 said:

Nah, Ganga numismatics is almost always absurdly overpriced, often by a factor of 3-5 what the coins would fetch in an open auction.

Yep! But, they do have some really interesting coins at times.  Some of the coins I recently purchased were from SARC and they were far cheaper than Ganga. $375 is ridiculous for that coin...

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