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Two (Asian) Figurines


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Along with a number of ancient coins I recently purchased from a dealer, I picked up a few (ancient) 'figurines'.

I am hoping that someone here might be able to shed some light on two of them and tell me a little bit about them.

I am hoping that the one without feet is 'Indian/Himalayan/Nepalese', and I am thinking that the other is more likely 'Chinese'.

I collect coins from both regions and I would like to fit these figurines in there, somewhere.

Can you help, please?

Magical Snap - 2022.12.05 16.18 - 017.jpg

Magical Snap - 2022.12.05 16.19 - 019.jpg

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39 minutes ago, DonnaML said:

I would suggest joining the ancient artifacts group at groups.io.com and asking about them there. There are people there who know a lot about East Asian antiquities.

Thank you Donna. I was looking for a forum like that. Do you have a more precise 'address', please, as when I 'google' "groups.io.com " I don't get anything?

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That's a very interesting pair!  I am anything but an expert on Asian art, but the two figurines do look old, with obvious wear, which might suggest that they had some sort of religious function.  To me they look as if they are Southeast Asian, but that's just a guess.  They could be from further north.  

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