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...Wow!..another year is about gone again....and here we are...i was feeling like i hadn't bought very many coins..till i added'em up...21 ain't a bad number..my 1st and last coins are of the man-headed bull with another one in the middle of the year... Tri-riga Republic denarius along with aTrajan column denarius with  an Antonius Pius after death...Maxentius temple follis....Postumus coin minted by Aureolus   coins of the last 3 Austrian Hapsburg/Lorraine emperors .long sought after 1/4 Thaler of Leopold ll HRE, along with a Thaler of Francis ll...deniers of Louis IV, 2 of Louis Vll, Phillip IV(Louis X, father) ECU's of Louis XV,XVI, along with a 5 spot(Francs) of ole Louie de 18th...now i've shown pics of all the coins so i'll just show a group pics of this years bounty(so far:P)


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Congratulations, @ominus1. I think these coins deserve a top?

The Republican Denarius and the Column coin seem very interesting coins.
I haven't noticed your French coins topics (probably because I don't watch those sections). On a long term future I intend to specialize a little in French coinage, especially 16th century (Valois dynasty).

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