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Just looking at recent NAC 135 prices, I think this one has to be a record for a Constantinian coin:


Six solidi medallion celebrating Constantine's tricennalia in 335 AD, known from Trier (RIC 571) but unlisted from Nicomedia. Sold for $1.02M incl. buyer's fee (this same coin last sold for 860K in 2013).

Or how about this one, which I'm guessing may be a record for an uncleaned coin! 😀


RIC VII Constantinople 1, third known specimen according to NAC. Sold for a whopping $204K (just a solidus, not a medallion). Aaron Berk recently said on one of their podcasts that crazy pandemic prices seemed to be over, but I'm not so sure on this one!

Just for price comparison, here's my unlisted Constantantine aureus, 2nd one known, which cost 1% of that!



And per the old CT tradition, here's a related tune!

Dire Straits at Knebworth (UK), 1978. I was actually at this concert (2 day outdoor festival). Also saw Dire Straights before this in local University with an audience of ~200, below they blew up and became huge.


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With an exceptional piece like that medaillon I wonder how it came to light. Was it dug up a long time ago? I have no idea. There should be more info right? I mean, if you dig up this piece, you at least go to the local press or museum? 

The earlier GM sale mentions a purchase in 1972 at munzen medaillen in Basel, Switzerland. Wonder why NAC did not mention this. 

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