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What color background when photographing coins?


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I see that there is some agreement for using a 'Gray' background when photographing 'bronze' coins, but can the same 'Gray' background be used (for the best effect) when photographing 'silver' (or 'cupro-nickel') coins?

If not, is there a 'better' (more acceptable) color to use?



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I find that black provides the best contrast for silver coins.  For bronze coins I've found generally a white background works best.

Here's your coin with a black background.  I also increased the size of the background to create more of a frame for the coin.  What do you think?


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That is a matter of taste. There is no better or worse. All dealers, museums, RPC, OCRE;  etc. prefer white backgrounds, but for your own collection you could and should decide what you want.

But there is one small point. If you print out data sheets for your coins, a black background consumes a lot of ink. :classic_cool:

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I use remove.bg website - I think it's an exceptional resource. It was mentioned to me by @Roman Collector. The website provides various backgrounds (solid colors or nice backgrounds such as sky or a wall). I use it a lot but I choose the background depending on my mood.

I intend sometime to standardize the background for all my coins.

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The guy that does my photographs uses a blue background. I really like a blue background, I think it presents the coins better than some other colors. Further it does make the pictures of my coins more distinctive and easier to locate in some of these threads. 

Soloi Ae 25 100=30 BC Obv Radiate head of Helios right Rv Athena seated left holding Nike  SNG France 1193 7.89 grms 25 mm Photo by W. Hansensoloi1.jpg.46fec5e0fb91a94176f3274c07350245.jpg

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I take all my images for ancient, modern, silver, copper and bronze with a black background. I do not post edit the background.

I have experimented with white, grey and others and have settled on black as my preference. Here are a couple of my coins as illustrations.

Ancient silver:-


Ancient silvered


Ancient Bronze:-





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