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New addition Artemide Auction/ AR Denarius Cn Lucretius Trio


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5 hours ago, antwerpen2306 said:

very beautiful coin of excellent quality. I have two coins of Trio




The coin you have is Crawford 1A, with a necklace of beads, 1b has a necklace of pendants. congrats with such a beauful coin

Thank you/ really appreciate correcting data on Crawford. I am just about to print my data label for coin😃

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10 hours ago, Ocatarinetabellatchitchix said:

P.S. And no, the Habs won’t be in the playoffs this year…


Sadly, I think you are right. I remember the late 70s/ when Montreal had cup before season started. No surprise/ Lemaire/ Lafleur/ shutt line #1

Peter and Frank Mahovolich/ Y. Cornoyer line two

Robinson/ Lapointe/ Savard/ Bouchard Defense

Dryden Goal

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Great example, @Panzerman! It's a type I'd like to have myself someday. Here are my examples of two coins (Crawford 390/2 and 390/1, respectively) issued by a later moneyer named Lucius Lucretius Trio, believed to be a descendant (perhaps a grandson) of the Gnaeus Lucretius Trio who issued your coin some 60 years earlier:



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Nice coins everyone. On my example the TRIO is nearly off flan :classic_sad:



Cn. Lucretius Trio.
AR Denarius, 136 BC, Rome
Obv: TRIO, Helmeted head of Roma right; X (mark of value) below chin.
Rev: CN LVCR / ROMA, The Dioscuri galloping right.
Ag, 17.4x19.6mm, 3.87g
Ref.: Crawford 237/1a.


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