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Islamic gold coins


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Here are 4 coins I found the last 2 months, 2 Coupangs that I was able to determine.


Left coin:

Indonesia - Sultanate of Aceh - Ali bin Ala al-Din (1571-1579) - AV Coupang (¼ Mas) nd. (Leyten A7c, Wilkes4446) - Gold 0.56 gram.

Right coin:

Indonesia - Sultanate of Aceh – Iskander Muda (1607-1636) - AV Coupang (¼ Mas) nd. (Leyten A15c) - Obv: Sri Sultan Perkasa Alam / Rev: Djohan Berdaulat bin Ali - Gold 0,59 gram.


And 2 gold Dinars that I really like and looks to have seen many hands. But after searching for MANY hours I haven't been able to find the and give up for now.

For now I am looking in the area of Spain for the left coin and Iran for the right coin, but could be completely wrong.




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You are very good with these coins, thanks for the help.

The right coin is indeed paler than normal. But not as pale as other dinars that I have seen that are  almost as pale as electrum.

The coin on the left  is 3.8 gram. and between 24,0-25,3mm

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Great Seljuqs, Tughril Beg, 1038-1063, AV dinar, Nishapur, AH 447 or 449. Album 1665. 

On coins of this period, "seven" ( سبع) and "nine" (تسع) are written almost identically and without diacritical marks, the difference being which of the four vertical strokes is longer. Unfortunately on your coin, they are equally long!

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You really keep surprising me with your knowledge of these coins!!!

I really need to buy that book.

Too bad I have no idea how to read it. I even don't know where to look for the date.


I think I had my part of Luck already with another coin being very rare. I am almost suire what it is but need some more time.  So I can try to post that one next week. That coin was a gift from my wife, so it is my new favourite and changed my avatar to it.


Although it really doesn't matter very much as if they are rare or common, they are not for resale and I just like them.


But I still have another shot.

The coin in question came came  with 2 other coins wich looked identical to me.

I will try to make a fast picture before I have to work 5 days again to make some money so that I can buy another coin next month.


If I look correct, than all the vertical strokes are identicall on all.

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After some comparison with other examples online, I can say with some confidence that the original Seljuq coin is dated 447 rather than 449. In the 3-coin photo, the one on the right is also 447 and the one at left is 448. All three are mint of Nishapur.

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