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Unpublished John Komnenodoukas Thessalonican Trachy


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I am very excited to share my newest win, an unpublished trachy of Thessalonican emperor John Komnenodoukas.

John Comnenus-Ducas. As emperor of Thessalonica, 1237-1242. BI Aspron Trachy (13mm, 0.46 g). Series III. Thessalonica mint.

Reverse: John and St. Theodore standing facing, holding between them staff topped by cross-in-circle. DOC —; CLBC —; SB —; Bendall, “Notes on the Coinage in the name of John Comnenus-Ducas of Thessalonica (AD 1237-44)” —. 

This new type of John Komnenodoukas is reminiscent of type Sear 2202, where the emperor is holding a triangle decorated, cross in circle staff with Saint Demetrius.


(Sear 2202, not mine)


The above unpublished type does not have the aforementioned triangle decoration and the Saint on the coin is Theodore, not Demetrius. I believe this is the first time Saint Theodore has appeared on the reverse of a John Komnenodoukas coin.


The seller misidentified this at sear 2202.

I will be publishing this among some other interesting coins at some point in the near future.

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