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Happy 1037th birthday Raja Raja Chola!


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The emperor who transformed the local Chola kingdom into a regional empire (and his son conquering as far as southeast Asia). The mural depicts him humbly standing behind his mentor Karuvurar. And the coin is a special issue commemorating his victory over the Chera kingdom in 988 AD, with a tiny foot and bow depicting the Chera insignia. 

While there is no proper Gregorian date, according to the Tamil calendar his birthday falls between November 2nd/3rd, however the local government officially recognized Nov 3rd as the birth anniversary. 


Please post your Chola coinage!

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Note that the script is NOT Brahmi, but Nagari. Download the following book the Coins of Cholas - https://www.tamildigitallibrary.in/book-detail?id=jZY9lup2kZl6TuXGlZQdjZt0lZh7&tag=Coins Of The Chola#book1/


Imperial Chola: Raja Raja Chola (985-1014) 2 Fanams (Ganesh-1.8)

Obv: King standing looking right
Rev: Conch above; Nagari legend in two lines - उया कोंडा (Uya Konda)


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54 minutes ago, dougsmit said:

Nothing to add but a less well centered example.  This coin is remembered by me mostly for being the first coin I ever got in a slab.  Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the  photo of its escape.ov7800bb2625.jpg.4e75c93abad3350670d6c4a1bf040763.jpg

I guess they must be a reason why you've bought such a common coin in a slab?

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A few others...


Ceylon under Chola Occupation: Raja Raja Chola (ca. 985-1014) AV Kahavanu (MNI-825)

Obv: King seated right, with arm on right raised and holding sankh shell; Devanagari legend on right, below raised arm - श्री रज रज (Sri Raja Raja)
Rev: Standing king with ancillary symbols, to left and right



Imperial Chola: Raja Raja I (ca. 1007) AE Kasu (Biddulph-21)

Obv: King half seated, with raised arm on right; Devanagari legend beneath raised arm; श्री राजा राजा (Sri Raja Raja)
Rev: Standing man, with lamp on left and fish on right, representing the the Pandya conquest


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