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Good day at the junk bin (56 for $5 US)

The Eidolon

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Got 56 coins for $5 US. Lots of Modern Japan with decent face value, at least.


100 yen 1968, 1973
50 yen 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1973, 1989, 1990
10 yen reeded 1952 x2, 1953 x2, 1954 x2
10 yen smooth 1969 (nice copper luster)
5 yen (older types) 1948, 1951 x2
10 sen 1942
5 sen 1942

Switzerland 20 rappen 1947, 1959, 1969x2 (I think these are still worth $0.20 face)

UK penny: 1896, 1914, 1917, 1918, 1920, 1921, 1936 x2

Australia penny: 1940, 1942

New Zealand 1/2 penny 1949 (pleasing condition)

Canada small cent 1925, 1927, 1940
The 1925 is the lowest mintage of the George V Canada cents and is worth a few dollars.
My daughter (who I brought along for practice on her driver's permit) spotted it for me.

Austrian Netherlands (Belgium) 1789 Jospeh II 1 Liard (edges damaged, alas)
Belgium: 1 Franc 1929 (nice condition), Dutch text

France: 1 franc 1960, 1965, 5 centimes 1904

Germany 1890 1 pfennig, 1924 5 reichspfennig

Spain 100 pesetas 1984, 10 centimos 1959

Italy 100 lira 1966

Norway 10 Øre 1973

Greece 50 lepta 1957

Iceland 25 aurar 1967

Ceylon 25 cents 1951

Ecuador 1944 20 centavos

Uruguay 1936 10 centésimos (single-year type)

I looked through a few thousand coins to pick out these.
Fortunately the shop owner knows me and tolerates all this!

If you would like to see an individual pic of any, please let me know.

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8 hours ago, thenickelguy said:

I see your 1925 Canada 1 cent there. Wow!

Can't tell condition from pics, but it looks pretty good. How bout a better pic of both sides? Thanks


Thanks!  My daughter looked up and told me it was a low mintage date while we were shopping.   Otherwise I wouldn't have known to grab it.  Surface wear is not bad, but it has a corrosion spot and some rim damage.  Maybe a US $20-30 coin?  I'm not sure.  There doesn't seem to be huge interest in Canadian coins from most US collectors.


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1 hour ago, The Eidolon said:

Maybe a US $20-30 coin?  I'm not sure.  There doesn't seem to be huge interest in Canadian coins from most US collectors.

With the rim dings, I'd say it's a $20 dollar coin. Maybe more? Still it is a key and pretty nice. I have a set of large and small cents, complete without proof issues and there are a lot of varieties of which I have some.

I was glad when they stopped minting cents in 2012.

I have a nice complete set of Canada 5 cents with all the proofs and silver proofs etc. I quit this year, I'm going to stop because there are too many special coins each year and they are too expensive. 

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, it is just as well being about a 100 year set. 1922-2022.

I'm not chasing Charles coins.

Congrats to you and your eagle eye daughter! Thanks for the pictures.

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