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Denarius identification


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35 minutes ago, rhj959 said:


I found this today in Lincolnshire, England. I must confess that I don't recognise the ruler. It is a shame  it is a little debased which has become corroded. Can anyone identify it please?


Wow! 😳😍 Gratulation!


Septimius Severus
Denarius minted in Laodicea ad Mare 198 AD

Reverse you can see seated Salus with SALVTI AVGG for Saluti Augustorum (To the health of the emperors).

For the health to Septimius Severus and his son Caracalla after the war against Clodius Albinus (197) and the beginning of the 2nd war against the Parthian (198).

Very historical coin.

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58 minutes ago, rhj959 said:

Thank you 🙂  It's great to walk over a coin that nobody has held for close to 1800 years.  I only find about one denarius per year so I will treasure it, just like the others I have.

..well, you should show them to us if you'd like to...

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