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Last week’s Severan Dynasty collection poster...

...included Diadumenian but not his father, Macrinus, who I have since added to my collection. Here’s my Diadumenian, Macrinus addition, and new poster.







Although Maximinus Thrax was not a member of the Severan Dynasty...

...I chose to include my Maximinus Thrax denarius in this poster because it represents the end of the chronological sequence of Severan period coins in my collection.


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  • LONGINUS changed the title to Usurper and Son
31 minutes ago, Spaniard said:

@LONGINUS...Lovely addition with super detail....

Any reason why you've added Thrax to your Severan dynasty?

Maximinus rose up through the ranks quickly, especially being from such common stock, mainly due to his MASSIVE size, bravery and above all being Septimius favorite warrior and general. 

Having a reportedly eight or nine foot man at your side is never a bad idea. 


I don't know if I'd put him on there, though nor do I mind him being in there with his history. 

All that said, if we wanna get technical, going the other direction, it should be remembered as the Pertinax dynasty. Sevy claimed to be a relative of Pertinax, that being part of his pretext to take the purple, and even put the name on some of his coins.


Really the best part about this period is each had their own unique beard, save Maximinus, and Mac was no different:


Great beard on yours DR and amazing presentation🤩

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I would also disagree with Maximinus Thrax on this poster (I think I mentioned this on the previous topic). Correct - he was the one to end the dynasty, but I don't think it is safe to illustrate him in the Severan dynasty. And yes, starting with Pertinax would be even better .... but this is difficult for several reasons.

Congratulations for the presentation and for the excellent conditions for the coins. I admit I rarely add coins in this state - main reason being that I prefer to buy 3 different coins (or more) instead of 1 spectacular coin. I don't see my collection as an investment so I don't think about the monetary value. And I like and respect coins in worse conditions too, as long as I still like them.

I don't have a Macrinus imperial or a Diadumenian (at all). I still think about a Diadumenian from Deultum I decided to skip in an auction a few months ago - it had a very pleasant emerald green toning and a she wolf reverse. I decided to let it go as I was expecting other targets in the auction (lost). Not much to be done except for waiting for another one to appear.

Here is my favorite Macrinus


Seleucis and Pieria. Laodicea ad Mare. Macrinus AD 217-218.
Bronze Æ
27 mm, 13,60 g
IMP C M OP S-EVE MACRINO-S AVG, laureate head of Macrinus right / ROMAE above, FEL in exergue, she-wolf standing right, head turned to look back at the suckling twins, Romulus and Remus. Cf. SNG Hunterian 3218 (obv. legend); SNG Righetti 2121; SNG Copenhagen 369; BMC 98.


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Fantastic new acquisitions, @LONGINUS! And attractive presentation, as always. Here's my Mac & Di:

[IMG] Macrinus and Diadumenian, AD 217-218.
Roman provincial Æ Pentassarion, 12.06 g, 26.5 mm, 6 h.
Moesia Inferior, Marcianopolis, Legate Pontius Furius Pontianus, June/Aug 217-Nov/Dec 217.
Obv: ΑΝΤ Κ ΟΠΕΛ CΕV ΜΑΚΡΕΙΝΟC Κ Μ ΟΠΕ ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙΝΟC, Confronted heads of Macrinus right, laureate, and Diadumenian left, bare.
Rev: VΠ ΠΟΝΤΙΑΝΟV ΜΑΡΚΙΑΝΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ, Athena wearing helmet and aegis, standing left, holding owl and inverted spear; E in right field.
Refs: AMNG I 734v.; Hristova & Jekov; Varbanov 1170a; BMC 30v.; Moushmov 537; Wiczay 2148v.

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Beautiful display and coins!

From the Severans, I'm missing Orbiana and Diadumenian. I do have an Aquilia Severa...


Aquilia Severa (second and fourth wife of Elagabalus)
AR Denarius 2.81g, 18mm, 7h.
Rome, 220-222 CE
IVLIA AQVILIA SEVERA AVG, draped bust to right
CONCORDIA, Concordia standing facing, head to left, holding patera over lighted altar and double cornucopiae; star in left field.
RIC IV 225 (Elagabalus); BMCRE 185 (Elagabalus); RSC 2a.
Ex Vitangelo Collection
Ex Roma

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