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thank you biddr


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I recently opened a new email account to handle all my contacts with coin related issues because I had a previous problem with emails not going through or being received by some European recipients.  Well, I purchased a coin from Numismatik-Naumann in their last auction, but I was unable to get a response from them using my new email account.  I assumed that they just didn't recognize the account and perhaps considered it spam.  I contacted biddr to see if they could pass my new email address on to NN, so I could continue with the completion of my purchase.  I got an immediate response from Sandro Kopp at biddr that he had passed my message on to NN.  Shortly after that I was able finalize my payment and complete my purchase.  My thanks really go out to biddr and Sandro for taking the time and effort to help me out.  I am sure that I will be placing most of my auction bids through them in the future.

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