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A non-numismatic area of collecting -- the airplane barf bag!

Roman Collector

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Interesting Washington Post article about an area of collecting that is off the beaten path -- collecting airplane barf bags. The article explains:

"Steve Silberberg was flying from Boston to San Francisco as a college student in 1982 when he took note of the small bag in front of him.

"I bet no one collects these, he thought.


"So he swiped the bag — United, light blue, instructions helpfully written on the surface — and put it on his door. Friends started offering bags from their own travels. Thus, the collection that became the Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum, now numbering more than 3,200 specimens, was born."



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Nothing new, there was an old tv show called "World's Weirdest Collections" or something like that, on the Travel Channel or A&E, it only lasted  1 season. But one of the segments was the barf bags, another was vacuum cleaners, shoes, which we know is popular now. It was an interesting show and a bit different then the usual "Pickers or Pawn Stars".

An actual good one is "Collectors Call", on MeTV, it focuses on peoples collections too, but mainly pop culture. Lisa Whelchel, from The Facts of Life, hosts it. I watch it whenever it's on.

You can search "weirdest collections" and see similar stuff from the results.

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Sticking with the aviation theme, here's something you'd probably want to use after the barf bag utilization.  


I do miss Pan Am - had many a good flight with them.  I wonder if I could sent this bar soap in for NGC to slab?  I think it is at least an AU 59+++++ grade-wise.

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Sorry, just couldn't resist.  This is a late 1960s pedestal mug from TWA, with the Dionne Warwick song title incorporated into the slogan below.



And now, post an old mug and and an old song:


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