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My latest acquisition ~ Anonymous Follis John I with Jesus


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I wanted one of these with decent facial details of Jesus on it and I bought it from a member here. These are his images ( a little bit reworked ) and all the information is compiled from him and his description almost word for word. Thank you Valentinian !

It hasn't arrived yet but is on the way and I'll probably try to add my own images here when it does. I like it a lot. I learned a little bit about these after my purchase. I think I did OK in my choice for an example in my collection.


Anonymous follis, Class A1, John I, 969-976
26-25 mm. 5.99 grams.
Sear 1793
Undertype partially visible

I think the overstruck coin used is Constantine VII, Sear 1761. A common undertype is Nicephorus II,
but his "of the Romans" is spells with an ω and Constantine VII has it spelled with an O like this coin.

The bottom line of the reverse undertype is

Glossy. Very dark. Excellent bust of Christ with good facial details. All or almost all Class A1 folles are overstruck.

This is a very nice Class A1 with clear evidence of its position in the series of classes. It' is first!

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So I'll revisit my old post here. I just had to buy an example of a Constantine VII, Sear 1761.

Now I have a "set" of sorts. I can't see exactly where any of these line up with text or design. Yes, I know that the original coin, turned planchet, may have had some minor differences in scale of whatever relief it had yet still very much have the basic similarities of my new coin entirely shown on top.

They don't have to be struck obverse on obverse, it could have been flipped to have obverse on reverse I suppose. I just can't seem to see the understruck coin.

Can you? Thanks for reading and looking.


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