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Interesting Farthing Fraction


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I mentioned these farthings in some previous thread - I bought a lot from Triskeles (Barry Murphy) some years ago - 2013 - and only today have photographed a few of them.   There are 39 farthings and 7 farthing fractions.

Anyway, this 1851 half farthing is of a variety I only found out about today - 1851 over 5851.   I hope it can be seen in the photo' (being lazy, I use the same distance for all coins, from sestertii down to coins smaller than this, I should have zoomed in for a bigger photo')

The bright spot on Victoria's neck s a piece of paper, not part of the coin!



I look forward to what other varieties there are.


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Speaking of 'fractions' of Farthings, here are a couple of mine.

1837-1901 Queen Victoria 1881 One Third of a Farthing Sp.'98 3960

1837-1901 Victoria 1881 One Third of a Farthing Sp.'98 3960.jpg


1837-1901 Queen Victoria 1853 Quarter Farthing Sp.'98 3953 (The smallest denomination of English coinage - or one-sixteenth of a penny)

1837-1901 Victoria 1853 Quarter Farthing Sp.'98 3953.jpg

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