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Some more junk bin picks (inc. German States)

The Eidolon

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Part 3 (final):  Ottoman Empire 1854 10 Para Abdülmecid year 16173934473_OttomanEmpire185410ParaAbdlmecidyear16.jpg.e4cd51c99b5550efb33de03ff4cd196e.jpg

Pittsburgh Transit Token 1922735922778_PittsburghTransitToken1922.jpg.214b30e3cd7e302684857b4d6fe6c434.jpg

Prussia 1 Pfennig 1810 Friedrich Wilhelm III1107054915_Prussia1Pfennig1810FriedrichWilhelmIII.jpg.1105ad73ded45fe17218e7374dd3c891.jpg

UK 1/2 Penny 1806 George III777915370_UK12Penny1806GeorgeIII.jpg.6ead6c9a1019e536df1da07f0fbc84d6.jpg

Mystery 21 mm copper or bronze.  I'm guessing 1800s from the hair style in the portrait (short hair, no wig, sideburns?)collage.jpg.c1524a2b4738b8497eb121c85f17c23f.jpg

My best guess is Baden 1 Kreuzer Leopold 1836-45.  Some of the details of the portrait are vary similar, but others don't seem to match.  Any guesses? Comparison below.comparison.jpg.044a8409f4d17d00aafb1a8131fcca99.jpg

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