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Glad to see a fresh place for ancient coin discussions!


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Just as it was on Coin Talk, I won't contribute much here, but I sure love to see and hear about everyone's coins. It's going to be nice to do it in a place like this, without a blowhard Admin like the one at Coin Talk with the enormous ego...ugh.


I'll bring Julia Domna to the "first post" dance:




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Great that you joined this place, a refuge (or at least a respite) From the CT shenanigans. I recently bought a Domna with Isis holding the infant Horus on the reverse (or Harpocrates), a Roman era syncretization, translated as Horus-the-Child (her-pa-chered in Egyptian). 

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My example of the type:

Julia Domna, AR Denarius ca. 201 AD, Rome Mint. Obv. Draped bust right, hair waved vertically and fastened in large bun in back, IVLIA AVGVSTA / Rev. Isis, wearing polos on head, draped, standing three-quarters right, head right, holding the nursing infant Horus in left arm against left breast, with her right hand holding a wreath or other ring-shaped object against her chest, her left foot against prow, right, and her left knee bent with Horus resting on it; to left of Isis, rudder rests against altar; SAECVLI FELICITAS. RIC IV-1 577 (p. 170), RSC III 174 (ill.), Sear RCV II 6606, BMCRE 166. 18x20 mm., 3.35 g., 6 h. Ex. A.K. Collection; ex. CNG Triton XX Auction, Jan. 10, 2017, part of Lot # 614, No. E027.

Julia Domna  Denarius - Isis & Horus Reverse - jpg version RIC IV-1 577, RSC 174, Sear RCV 6606.jpg


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Nice to see you here @Numisnewbie...Cool coin..

Here's one from the east...

Julia Domna. Augusta, 193-217 AD. AR Denarius (3.23 gm, 19mm). Laodicea mint. Struck under Septimius Severus, 198-202 AD.
Obv.: IVLIA AVGVSTA... Draped bust right.
Rev.: PVDICITIA... Pudicitia seated left, hand raised to breast......RIC IV #644 (Severus); RSC 168a


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