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Many members told me that they appreciated the first quiz. So why not another one, this time about Roman emperors ? We do know the Roman Empire, don’t we ? Try this new one, and I tell you in advance it won’t be easy… Some of the questions have a hint, a picture of a coin to help you to identify the ruler. Like the last time, PLEASE participate: nobody will know your result, no names will be given except for the winner of the contest. If you send me your answers, you’re in. Even if it Roman Empire is not your area of collecting or if you do not like the prize, think about giving it to someone else if you win; a family member, a kid you want to interest in ancient history or even another member here on Numis Forums. When you participate, you get 1 chance to win. If you have a perfect score, you’ll have 5 chances...

About the prize now: two VERY nice coins that I’ll let you attribute yourself. And just remember one thing: according to RIC VII ( okay it’s true it was published in 1966), one of them was rated R3 and the other one R4 ( meaning  4-6 and 2-3 known coins by the authors at that moment). The quiz will last 10 DAYS, so again PLEASE PARTICIPATE. I’ll be waiting for your answers. Here are the two babies:




1) I was born in Italica (Betic Spain) and died in Baiae (in Italy, near Naples). I was emperor for 21 years. It is said of me that I am gifted, that I have a prodigious memory and that I am also very witty and passionate about architecture, hunting, arts, more particularly Greek art. Who am I?


2) I govern Rome for 40 years. The prestige which surrounded me was going to allow me, without upsetting the Roman Constitution, to replace the Republic by a new mode, to which one gives in general the name of « Empire ». Who am I?

3) I was born in Antium and died in Rome. I am the fifth and last Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. From my birth my father affirmed: "of Agrippina and me, only a monster can be born". I was forced to flee Rome and declared a public enemy by the senate. I commit suicide by sticking a dagger in my throat, I was only thirty years old. Who am I?


4) I was born in Rome and as a Stoic philosopher, I am particularly known for my policy favorable to philosophical schools, to the education of women and for having written "Meditations ". Who am I?

5) I was born in Arca in Syrian Phoenicia and died near Mainz. I was assassinated in my tent during a military campaign against the Germans. Who am I ?


6) I was considered a cruel and arbitrary emperor during my reign in the second century. I am not deified at my death by the Senate, but receive the damnatio memoriae (condemnation of memory). Who am I?

7) I was born in Italica in Betic Spain and died in Selinunte in Cilicia. I am adored by my soldiers and keep a simple lifestyle. Excellent soldier, I conquer Dacia, Arabia Petraea, Armenia, Assyria and Mesopotamia. Who am I ?


😎I was emperor at 13, married at 16, killed at 19... Who am I?

9)  Tacitus, Pliny the Younger or Suetonius publish versions of Roman history where I am described as a cruel and paranoid tyrant. Modern historians have since rehabilitated my reign whose political, economic and cultural agendas fostered a flourishing era for the Roman Empire. Who am I?


10)  I was born on December 30, 39 and died on September 13, 81. My reign is only a series of catastrophes, the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 which destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum, then the fire of Rome in 80. Who am I ?



11) I am described in the sources as a boorish character, but also as a good soldier and even as a skilful strategist. I am the first emperor to reach the highest office with an exclusively military career behind me. Who am I?

12)  I was emperor from mid-June 251 to August 253. On the death of Decius, I had myself acclaimed emperor by my soldiers. Who am I?


13) My reign was one of the most critical periods for the Roman Empire. After my father's heavy defeat against the Persians, I inherited a tragic situation, marked by a large number of rebellions. Who am I?

14) I was born on August 1, 126 and died on March 28, 193. I was designated emperor on January 1, 193. My reforms displeased the Praetorians in particular, and I was killed after a reign of eighty-six days. Who am I?


15) I was born around 207 in Sirmium and died in September 275. After a brilliant military career, I was proclaimed Augustus in Sirmium after the death of Claudius II and remained sole emperor after the suicide of Quintillus. Who am I?

16) I was born on December 24, 3 BC and died on January 15, 69 AD. I am a great aristocrat, very rich, whose homosexuality is notorious according to Suetonius. I am proclaimed Augustus after the suicide of Nero. Who am I?


17) I was born around 203 in Emesa, Syria, and died on March 11, 222 in Rome. I advocate the unique worship of the sun. Who am I?

18) I rule with remarkable energy and completely restore the affairs of the Empire. In Gaul, invaded by the Germans, I retake 60 cities, defeat 400,000 Barbarians and drive the others back beyond the Rhine. Who am I?


19) I was born in 32 and died in 69. I was defeated at Brediac by Vitellius who would succeed me. Who am I?

20) I accede to the "throne" by promising each soldier of the guard 25,000 sesterces. Who am I?


21) I am a member of the equestrian class, I am the first emperor not to be from the senatorial class and the first emperor from Mauretania. Who am I?

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Here are the answer of the QUIZ #2:

1) Hadrian

2) Augustus

3) Nero

4) Marcus Aurelius

5) Severus Alexander

6) Commodus

7) Trajan

😎 Gordian III

9) Domitian

10) Titus

11) Maximinus Thrax

12) Trebonianus Gallus

13) Gallienus

14) Pertinax

15) Aurelian

16) Galba

17) Elagabalus

18) Probus

19) Otho

20) Didius Julianus

21) Macrinus


And here is the name of the WINNER: @Steppenfool . Thanks to all the participants, your knowledge about Roman Emperors impressed me.

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Thank you very much @Ocatarinetabellatchitchix 

I was quite fortunate that this quiz fell right into my narrow area of expertise - Imperial Rome until 395 AD. 

I am further fortunate that I haven't managed to own a coin of Licinius I yet, and was debating exactly what my target was going to be, that question is now resolved and I'll have a lovely story associated with my example.

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