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Overstruck RR Denarius


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The discussion about the possibly overstruck, but maybe more likely just a few big die breaks denarius reminded me of this Roman Republican denarius which I've always been pretty sure is overstruck.

Gens: Hostilia
Moneyer: L. Hostilius Saserna
Coin: Silver Denarius
- Female head right, wearing oak-wreath and diadem
L. HOSTILIVS SASERNA - Victory walking right, holding trophy in left hand, over left shoulder, and caduceus in right hand
Mint: Rome (48 BC)
Wt./Size/Axis: 3.87g / - / -
  • RSC 5 (Hostilia)
  • Sydenham 951
  • Crawford 448/1a

Jean Elsen Online Shop List 291 #101 22-Jan-2020

On the obverse, there's a shape which looks somewhat like an X behind the head (though it may extend up and be something like a curule chair), though the coin shouldn't have any X or anything else there.   On the reverse, there's an outline of something under and to the left of Victory's dress.



Here's something a bit different - an Augustus denarius overstruck, I asssume, on a Republican serrated denarius.

Coin: Silver Denarius
AVGVSTVS - CAESAR - Bare head right
M DVRMIVS / III VIR - Calydonian boar right, spear in shoulder
Mint: Rome (19-18 BC)
Wt./Size/Axis: 3.88g / - / -
  • RIC 317
  • Ex. T.R. Hardaker Collection
Acquisition: Baldwin's Online auction BSJ Auction 48 #592 24-Sep-2020





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Here's another one - struck by or over a coin by the same guy as your example, @Ryro.   It was sold saying that the undertype was Cr. 461/1 (Q. Caecilius Metellus Pius denarius with small Africa head and Hercules on reverse), but perhaps this is the overstrike and the head on the other side is from the undertype - maybe Apollo from a Piso Frugi (Cr. 340/1)?   If it's the overtype, I don't know who it is 😄

Come to think of it, the convex side has the unidentified head, while the Africa head is on what seems to be the reverse, while it should be on the obverse, so that would presumably be the undertype.

I thought it was worth £40 to puzzle over - nobody else did, so I got it for the opening bid 🙂

Gens: Caecilia
Moneyer: Q. Caecilius Metellus Pius
Coin: Silver Denarius
- Laureate head right; traces of undertype at the rear of the neck, rock (?)
[SCIP]IO.IMP - Small head of Africa right, wearing elephant skin headdress; grain ear before
Mint: Uncertain (After 47-46 BC)
Wt./Size/Axis: 2.58g / 20mm / 7h
  • RSC 50a (Caecilia)
  • Sydenham 1051
  • Crawford 461/1
  • HCRI 44
Acquisition: Roma Numismatics Online Auction E-Live Auction 2 #519 30-Aug-2018
Notes: Sep 29, 18 - References are to undertype - a denarius of Q. Caecilius Metellus Pius Scipio


(pic. from Roma, I didn't get around to taking photos myself)


Gratuitous picture I did take of a worn-but-attractive-to-me example of Cr. 461/1 (large head variety)



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