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A pleasant laureate Sestertius and a Maximinus, too


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These came today, a couple of coins I treated myself to:

Postumus (260-269). Æ Sestertius (31.5mm, 23.88g, 6h). Treveri, AD 261. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust r. R/ Fides standing facing, head l., holding two signa. RIC V 124.






Maximinus I (235-238). Æ Sestertius (31mm, 23.72g, 12h). Rome, 236-7. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust r. R/ Fides standing l., holding signum in each hand. RIC IV 78.


Both ex London Ancient Coins.


I've always wanted a nice Postumus laureate Sestertius.  This one is quite pleasant in hand, featuring a charming portrait and it's probably overstruck on an Antonine era Sestertius (just a guess), although the Maximinus Sestertius has a pretty similar weight.  The Maximinus had a nice patina and I like Maximinus' lantern jaw, so the coin was a no-brainer to pop into the cart.

I've been upping my coin game lately, going more for attractive coins rather than decrepit rarities.

Please post any Postumus laureate/helmeted Sestertii, any really nice double Sestertii, or Maximinus/Maximus Sestertii.

Although the episode wasn't about inflation, an Emperors of Rome podcast (I think it was the Maximinus episode) really explained the 3rd century inflation.  Legionary pay had ballooned from 1,000-something Sestertii during Severus to 7200 under Maximinus.  I wonder if it was still that rate during Gallienus?


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Cool coins, @Nerosmyfavorite68!! They're both attractive and interesting additions to your numophylacium!

I still don't have a Postumus sestertius. I've been too preoccupied by my current Faustina fetish. I do have a pair from Maximinus and Maximus, so I'll show them instead:

Maximinus I, AD 235-238.
Roman Æ Sestertius, 26.7 mm, 18.01 gm.
Rome, AD 236-238.
Obv: MAXIMINVS PIVS AVG GERM, Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust, right.
Rev: SALVS AVGVSTI SC, Salus enthroned left, feeding snake arising from altar.
Refs: RIC-85; BMCRE-175, Sear-8338; Cohen-92.
Maximus PRINCIPI IVVENTVTVS S C sestertius.jpg

Maximus, Caesar AD 235/6-238.
Roman orichalcum sestertius, 21.54 g, 31.5 mm, 12 h.
Rome, 3rd emission, late AD 236-237.
Obv: MAXIMVS CAES GERM, bare-headed and draped bust, right.
Rev: PRINCIPI IVVENTVTIS S C, Maximus standing left in military dress, holding baton in right hand and transverse spear in left hand; behind him, two standards.
Refs: RIC 13; BMCRE 213-17; Cohen 14; RCV 8411; MIR 37-5; Banti 6.
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I've posted this coin a number of times but will post again since it fits this thread ☺️.


Romano-Gallic Empire. Marcus Cassianius Latinius Postumus, AD 260-269 (struck AD 261). Treveri Mint, 3rd emmision. AE Sestertius: 25.5 gm, 31 mm, 6 h. Obverse: Laureate, cuirassed, & draped bust of Postumus. Reverse: Advancing Victory with palm branch & wreath, seated captive. RIC V 170.

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Splendid Sestertius, Al.

Those are nice, Roman Collector.  I have yet to pick up a Maximus.

Oh yeah, thejewk, that's right!  I didn't even notice that!  I didn't even notice what the Maximinus reverse was when I ordered it. I bought it for the patina/obverse, although it's more of a dark olive in person. Both coins have lacquer or Renaissance Wax.

I just ordered from Savoca. Hopefully that will go well.

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My first Maximinus coin was also a sestertius. I need to take my own pic of it, as the house picture  doesn't do justice to it


Unfortunately, on mine you can't see the emperor's acromegaly - the engraver portrayed him without this feature.

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Nice acquisitions @Nerosmyfavorite68

When it comes to Postumus I don't have a sestertius but only a double sestertius which is, I think, more common :


Postumus, Double sestertius -  Cologne mint, AD 261
IMP C M CASS LAT POSTVMVS P F AVG, Radiate bust of Postumus right
LAETITIA AVG, Galley travelling left
18.12 gr
Ref : Cohen #177, RCV #11049


And here's my only Maximinus Thrax sestertius :


Maximinius, Sestertius - Rome mint AD 235/236
IMP MAXIMINVS PIVS AVG, laureate and draped bust right
PROVIDENTIA AVG, Providentia standing left, holding cornucopia, globe at her feet
22.73 gr
Ref : Cohen # 80, RCV # 8337



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That's a very nice one, mc9.  One doesn't see a whole lot of new flan Post. Sestertii.

That's a very nice Postumus double Sestertius, Qcombor, and a pleasant early style Maximinus.

Let's hope my birthday order goes just as well.  I saw quite a few long-time wants, a Mazaios stater, the stater with the triskeles (Aspendos, IIRC), etc.  I put them all in the basket, lol.


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10 hours ago, Octavius said:

Four sestertii of Maximinus followed by one of his son, Maximus... I have none of Postumus.


Breathtaking group of sestertii 😮! I've got a Maximus sestertius almost as nice as yours ☺️.


Maximus as Caesar, AD 236-238. AE Sestertius: 26.39 gm, 31 mm, 12 h. Reverse: Maximus with baton & transverse spear, two standards behind him. RIC 13. Ex CNG 70, lot 1044, 2005; Ex Munzen & Medaillen GmbH, Auction 9, lot 638, 2001.

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I have found some more,




PM TRP IIII COS P P / SC       AD. 238         RIC IV (2) 40     23,10 gr     30,25 mm





PIETAS AVG // SC          RIC IV(2) 6      20,20 GR    31,18 MM





LAETITIA       RIC IV ( 2 ) 146       22,5 MM      3,74 GR



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