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Good day at the Junk bin (97 coins and a bill for $13)

The Eidolon

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Still sorting through to see what I got. Condition of many of these is poor, but I see some German States pre-1870, some Notgeld, and a bunch of 1800s coppers. Also a Japan occupation Korea 1 Yen note. No serial number on the lower right, so I assume this is the 1944 rather than the 1932. These were from an unsorted bag recently recently sold to the shop, so I think I may have been the first customer to pick over them. Cheap and fun way to waste an hour.

Will try and post pics of some of the more interesting ones when the light is better.  (Or please let me know of any individual photo requests.)



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5 minutes ago, Theodosius said:

I love picking through junk boxes.

Will you add most of these to your collection?

Do you collect all countries?


I have some bins sorted by half century for coins not interesting enough to write up.  Doesn't take much room.

The more interesting ones I write up a label and put in a flip so I can find them again when I want.

I pretty much collect any world coinage, though I don't really focus on post-colonial (~1960-present) coinage.

I would like to collect a large copper from every country/authority that issued them 1850-1950 or so.  Or as many as I can find!


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Another great pick up, congrats. One of the great things I find with world coins is the diversity of the designs and the skills of the engravers on dies predominately used for the striking of circulating coinage. Thanks for sharing your latest acquisitions.

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A few pics of some of the more interesting ones. Any German States in a 10 cent bin I will definitely snatch up, though I rarely get the opportunity!

Aachen 1 Grosche = 10 Pfennige 1920 (Notgeld)

Anhalt 1864 A 3 Pfennige

Reuss-Schleiz 1858 A 3 Pfennige

Saxony-Albertine 1864 B 2 Pfennige1540867131_Saxony-Albertine1864B2Pfennige.jpg.6bab5ab650ca2d70f766d85ddd3ee88e.jpg

20 Pfennige Token, G H Frieske Rathskeller, Berlin (reverse is unreadable)ob.jpg.6d499d90a62d4f9ad4ca6633d71b3f21.jpg

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