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Is there an effective way of avoiding seeing posts/replies by a member of this forum?


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I once asked for help to enable me to find latest posts/replies and you gave me some good assistance. I have another enquiry.

Simple question. No offense intended. (Please don't read anything into it.)

If a member (of this Forum) does not wish to see any posts (or replies) put up by ME, (for whatever reason they might have), is there a method by which this could be achieved?

I would like to know if there is an effective way of avoiding seeing such posts/replies?

Thank you.

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3 minutes ago, akeady said:

Yes - anyone wishing to ignore you can simply click on their own icon and then click on the "Ignored Users" item and add Topcat7 to the list by typing in the name:


I don't have any ignored users yet 🙂


Thank you Aidan.

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