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Roman Republican "Royal" Couples


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I never pass up a chance to show this one off!

Antony and Octavia.
AR cistophorus, 25.6 mm, 11.71 gm.
Ephesus, 39 BCE.
Obv: M ANTONINVS IMP COS DESIG ITER ET TERT, Jugate heads of Marcus Antonius and Octavia to right; he wears ivy wreath.
Rev: III VIR RPC, Cista mystica surmounted by figure of Bacchus, standing to left, holding cantharus and leaning on thyrsus; on either side, coiled serpent.
Refs: SNG Cop. 408; SNG von Aulock 6555; Franke KZR 472; RSC 3; Sydenham 1198; RPC 2202; Sear 1513; BMCRR East 135-137.
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Roman Asia Minor. Ionia, Ephesus. Claudius, with Agrippina Junior, AD 49-54. AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm (25mm, 10.71g, 6h). Ephesus mint. Struck circa AD 50-51. Obv: TI CLAVD CAES AVG AGRIPP AVGVSTA; Laureate head of Claudius and draped bust of Agrippina left, conjoined. Rev: DIANA EPHESIA; Cult statue of Diana (Artemis) Ephesia. Ref: RIC I 119; RPC I 2224; RSC 1. Very Fine, nice toning. Ex WAG Auction, February 2009, Lot 193.image.jpeg.d196660aca2ffd0628adb4c5def2051f.jpeg

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Not part of my collection anymore as I sold off the Mark Antony part of the collection earlier this year, but still worth posting as it is one of the rarest types (with this specimen currently being the RPC online plate coin) and the only one showing Antony and Cleopatra with jugate busts.

PHOENICIA, Dora. Mark Antony & Cleopatra. 34-33 BC. Æ (22mm, 7.28 g, 12h). Dated RY 19 (Egyptian) of Cleopatra (34/3 BC).

Obverse: Conjoined diademed and draped bust of Cleopatra, and bare head of Antony right.

Reverse: Tyche of Dora standing left, holding palm frond and caduceus; L ΘΙ (date) to left; Ω/Δ to right.

Reference: RPC I 4752



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