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CNG Feature Auction 121 Drop


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Looks like we just got the CNG feature auction release, and just wow 🤯. David at the ANA booth was not lying when he said there was something for everyone. This is gonna be a looooooooong wait to Oct 6th, to ultimately just get outbid on everything anyways 🙈

Can't imagine what it would be like to own coins like this... Will just keep drooling at the computer screen 😩


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I always thought that CNG took photos of their coins on that background, but it looks like there are some slabbed coins there that break the illusion 😂.

Looks like there are some fantastic coins on offer, but CNG is usually to rich for my blood, so I'll pass.

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Some very nice coins in this auction. There's one I've been waiting some time to see come up at auction. I was really excited, until I saw the opening bid...Ah well...Currently debating whether I should wait for a lower grade copy that may be affordable, or should look at a different coin to represent this point in history. 😞 

There are two others I'll take a stab at, but I'm not too hopeful. With one, I was blown away at a previous CNG auction, so I doubt I'll be luckier here. 

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