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Do you ever feel like the Coin Zombie?


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Do you ever feel like the coin zombie, the 1976 Scooby Doo character who shuffled around mumbling, 'coin, coin, coin.'?  I've been a lot like the coin zombie lately, being very active in my buys. In fact, several Scooby Doo episodes dealt with a coin (the mummy and didn't the Black Knight?). By the way, Scooby Doo was heavily based upon the all-time great radio show, I Love A Mystery (and they probably borrowed from Doc Savage).  Whatever became of the dark house mystery genre, by the way?

Well, I guess this is a good place to post random coins.  The zombie was after a gold coin, if I recall correctly.  Shiny coins of any metal (or flashy ones) will do.

This coin zombie would like to eventually find a Manuel or Isaac II Hyperpyron. I've had to settle for a Manuel Trikephalon.

I'm too lazy to go to the folder with the appropriate coins, and I've posted my good (photographed) gold coins to death, so I'll leave that to you guys.  The only non-posted one is a junk box worthy Justinian Tremissis.


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How do you define a coin zombie?

If you also mean - that one is always restlessly searching for interesting coins and can't satisfy this hunger with anything - I feel addressed.

I admire collectors - and I mean that seriously - who manage to concentrate on a single theme or collecting area for 10 years, 20 years or even longer. And are really only interested in it. Collecting only coins of Gordianus for 50 years. They don't care about anything else. I wish I could.

But my problem is - history and the historical background captivate me so much. Ever since I was a child. At school in history I always had an A. While other children ran past stones - I could not resist any excavation.

I find everything interesting.

Oh... the Severans with their wives and crazy emperors are interesting. Those are great backsides and what interesting historical backgrounds. Oh - what's that? Coins of the Republicans! Cato! Cassius, Brutus... Scipio! How interesting. Oh - these solidus of the Byzantines are beautiful. How this Phoca was a fierce emperor? Oh - what beautiful coins these Flavians had! There a Nero! Oh how beautiful are these silver large tetradrachms of the Seleucids! 


I can never really decide to concentrate on one thing. But maybe I don't have to force myself. Why not collect what is fun and brings joy at the moment? 

But yes - I feel like a zombie - always searching and never getting full. 

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From my side, I feel like a zombie in how my collection area has expanded:

  • I just want a coin from Alexander the Great's lifetime
  • Oh, those Diadochi are just like Game of Thrones. Gotta get all of them.
  • Hey, there are coins from so many other people. I need to add them too.
  • What about the time of his father Philip II? Can't tell the story without that time.
  • What about the cities? Okay, if I read that the city had something to do with Alexander, Philip, or one of the Diadochi, I'll add it.
  • Well, they pretty much dominated that region, right? So, if the coin comes from that area and period, it must have had something to do with them.
  • What about the kingdoms that rose up in Alexander's ashes? Isn't that story intriguing too?

I still follow roughly the same pattern: I create a list of coins that I feel tell the story best, then only concentrate on those. However, I spend a lot of time researching which coins belong on the list as well as looking for ones to buy.

Here's a recent purchase from Tisna. Gotta love that horned river deity.


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10 minutes ago, Nerosmyfavorite68 said:

Yes, exactly!

But I also feel "trapped" - like the two beings in Golum, one good, the other evil - or like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Because it is - I admit - also often frustrating.

Because since I don't have millions in secret bank accounts, a family and daughter where I also have a certain (financial) responsibility - I know that I will never be able to buy all the coins I want and hold them in my hands. 

I am hungry - but there is a natural limit.
So - as I said - I wish I was sometimes able to get excited about just one thing.... 😉 

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I don't know, I've become satiated in my record collecting hobby.  I've achieved 99.5% of my goals and records take up a lot of room.  Coins are small and no one forces me to buy coins.  I've also reached the point of semi antipathy in my other hobby.  I got so burned out on forever doing someone elses' project. I want to do something I like.

I sure like to acquire coins, but I'm disciplined when it comes to my budget.  Take the Roma auction, for example. I hate auctions in general and 90% of the coins are beyond my budget, so it's easy just to treat such auctions in the same way as gazing at a reference book.


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