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My ANA/Chicago Trip


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Okay, so now that I'm back from Chicago I thought I'd share my ANA purchase. Overall, I thought the ANA was a good show, definitely better than what we have in Canada...but it wasn't as great as the NYINC show for ancients. I had hoped to pick up a bunch of high-grade 3rd-century material, or one nice 1st-century piece, but nothing really appealed to me except this coin which I picked up from Gorny & Mosch. 

Constans (AD 337-350)


AR Siliqua (21mm, 3.48 grams). Trier mint. FL IVL CONSTANS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right / VICTORIAE D N AVG, two Victories facing each other, holding between them a shield inscribed VOT X MVLT XX. 

Also, I thought I'd share some of my photographs from the Art Institute's Greco Roman gallery. 



Feel free to post any recent show purchases!

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