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Drachme Kabul ca. 850-970 A.D.


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I Just came out of a local coinshop and bought a nice gold coin.

But I saw this one and it may not be a very rare or special coin, I just loved the looks and design that I couldn't leave it there.

I am more exited about adding this coin than I am with the golden coin I primarely went for.

I just foud some infrmation I added below. I hope you like it like I do.




Shahi Kings of Kabul and Gandhara.
Time of Samanta Deva, circa 850-970 A.D.
Silver Drachma. (3.3 Gram 17.28mm)
VZ: Rider on horseback with standard.
KZ: Brahimi, "Sri Samanta Devah", Bull with hunchback lying left.
1585-1588, Mitchiner Mitchiner ACW NI 117-120

The Shahi's, Shahi or Kabul Shahi were for-Islamic rulers of Kabulistan (the area around the city of Kabul in present-day Afghanistan) and the Punjab (in the North of modern-day Pakistan). Under the Shahi's flourished, especially in the beginning, Hinduism and Buddhism.
For centuries the Shahi's offered resistance to Turkish, Arab and Persian conquerors from the West and thus prevented the arrival of islam in the North of India. The last Shahiheerser in 1026 was defeated by the Turkish-Islamic conqueror Mahmud of Ghazni. (cit. Wikipedia)

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