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Some recent Late Byzantine AR wins


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Here are some of my recent buys. I have shared some already and others should be entirely new. I now have inhand photos for all


1). Andronikos II and Michael IX tornese, Constantinople Mint 1295-1320?

Obv: Halfbust of the archangel Michael Facing, spear in left hand and globus cruciger (?) in right

Rev: 3/4 length busts of emperors Andronikos II and Michael IX facing, each holding a cross tipped scepter and jointly holding a decorated labarum


This tornese type is actually unpublished. Ive been able to find another on coin archives. They seem to possibly be a reverse die match (the placement of the delta and the shape of Michael’s head in particular).A42CE127-E6EC-4DA0-B250-61D5C483A5F9.jpeg.de82f3c95e8ec6d1cd9f9e5c2c5ab876.jpegBE48D3B0-B0E0-4790-8E29-8E5C8C7BB5CB.png.2c16148e4ab7caf320646991c67b9a72.png


2). Michael VIII and Andronikos II “Coronation Issue” trachy, Constantinople Mint 1272 (?)

Obv: Full length figure of Saint George holding a spear and shield

Rev: Half length figures of emperors Michael VIII and Andronikos II, each holding a cross tipped scepter and jointly holding an akakia; The Archangel Michael blesses them from above


DOC 36, Sear 2321, PCPC 85

This interesting issue is one I thought I wouldn’t be able to own. Thankfully it went (relatively) cheap! I believe 4 or 5 of these have come to auction in the past two decades. While not the rarest type, these seem to fetch high hammers due to the (in my opinion dubious) association with 1272 coronation of Andronikos II as co emperor. I am currently working on an article which reevaluates the late AR trachys chronology so I wont go into too much depth here but I will be sure to link that once finished.

3). John III “coronation issue” trachy, Magnesia Mint 1222 (?)


Obv: Virgin Mary seated on an ornate throne

Rev: John III holding a labarum and globus cruciger, crowned by Christ Chalcities 

DOC 21, Sear 2075

Hendy writes ‘…I am nevertheless disposed to accept that both types A (20) and B (21) are early -probably the earliest- issues, simply from the care with which they were struck and from the elaboration of their designs, and that Type B, with its reverse design of Christ Chalcities crowning the lord emperor repeating that of Theodore’s Type A (1.1-2), although even more directly deriving from the Andronicus I’s gold, indeed forming something of a “coronation issue” ‘ (DO IV page 479)

This type is quite rare as Hendy confirms with only a single type of 20 and four of 21 known in the British Museum collection, three of which derived from a single 1852 hoard. I have been able to find one other sold, a nice example from the legendary despot sale. Perhaps they are a die match? Both have the tiny “O” in Π•Τ



4). Andronikos III Basilikon, Constantinople Mint 1329-1341 (?)


Obv: Christ seated on throne, Star and B sigla

Rev: Andronikos III is crowned by Saint Demetrius 



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Very impressive group, congratulations! I'm always very fascinated when I see late Byzantine silver coins, since I'm used to only seeing gold/electrum and billon/bronze, rarely actual silver coins.

The John III "coronation issue" is really cool. To me, it doesn't look like a die match to the despot sale, which is interesting given how few there are (just quickly comparing some details, coin-to-coin, starting at 12h on each side). Good chance, then, that these are new dies or a new combination.

As I've shown before many times, I've got one bronze "flat coin" of Nicaea (as Goodacre used to call them) under John Ducas-Vatatzes, also struck at Magnesia (though I have no idea when, just 1222-1254):


You've probably seen my other Byzantine Silver coins, here or elsewhere, they're generally the early ones.

The best of my three Heraclius Heaxagrams:


I've got a pair of these Byzantine AR Siliquae (or Siliqua fractions) struck in Carthage under Justinian...

I guess since they're both on raggedy incomplete flans I figured getting two would be like having one complete example!



I've got quite a few Billon Trachy. Occasionally one will have a slightly "silverier" appearance, or maybe less toned (this one, Isaac II Angelus, first reign, 1185-1195, type SB 2003):


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Here is another example of the tornese, Lot 1756 from the Roma Numismatics Sale of May 2013 - weight 0.68gm, and probably from the same dies.

I have it noted as LPC 266-4, apparently from the Bertele dossier.

Ross G.



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Here is yet another example of the tornese as Lot 720 of the Naumann sale 85 (0.61g).

Now this type is listed as coin 2 in Bendall's "Additions" to the "Later Palaeologan Coinage", but in fact it seems that it had already appeared in LPC as 266-4, although with no line drawing. 

In the Additions Bendall's reference for the type is Bertele's much quoted but rarely seen Dossier (of unpublished types) p.183, 6.

Ross G.


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