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A new banknote in my collection


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Before dedicating completely to ancients, I was a modern coins and banknotes collector. Especially from my country - Romania. I said "was" because all my budget and interest has been allocated  to ancients since discovering them. And anyway there are not many banknotes and (especially) coins missing from my collection, the ones missing having obscene prices even in modest conditions and appearing with a very, very low frequency.

But tonight I saw a Facebook auction on a local group, for a banknote that was missing from my collection - 1 leu 1937. Usually this banknote is not cheap but the combo of ink stains + a not very popular group allowed me to win it. And I am quite happy for this!


What is very interesting for me is, of course, the she wolf with the twins and also the 2 medallions - Trajan and King Decebal of Dacia.

This reminded me of other banknotes in my collection having these recurrent motifs.

5.000.000 lei 1947


100.000 lei and 1.000.000 lei 1947


Series of 5000 lei 1943-1945


Trajan's portrait was used as a watermark on 500 lei 1924-1938


The new banknote I bought will be a good match for the others I have having similar type - 1938 and 1920 (also I have the 1915 type)




Please post banknotes (and why not, coins) having ancient motifs. I am not skilled in world modern numismatics and notaphily, but I am sure other countries issued banknotes with ancient symbols.


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The oldest ones are the most attractive. And yep, some are very large.


My favorite one remains also the rarest banknote in my album - 100 lei type 1 (1881-1907). Those are rare and expensive, as you probably know, @seth77, if you are familiar with them . I was simply lucky to get 3 of them as I could have never dreamed of this.

Some ancient symbols presents on it - caduceus, cornucopiae



Watermarks of Trajan


and Roma (although for my eyes it could be Minerva)


Medallions of Roma (again, could be Minerva)


and, as per catalogue, Ceres


and having the central figure of Trajan on the reverse.


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22 minutes ago, Spaniard said:

Here's my biggest and smallest bank notes with a Sestertius for scale.


1000 lei 1934 (as far as I know the largest Romanian banknote and considered one of the most beautiful) vs 10 bani 1917 (smallest Romanian banknote, actually an emergency paper coin, size of a stamp) vs a normal RR denarius


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5 hours ago, Spaniard said:

@ambr0zie..Congrats on a rare note!

I lived in Romania  for a full year (what a beautiful country you live in!), back in 1990 and remember collecting Lei coins and notes but I sold them all a few years later....

Here's my biggest and smallest bank notes with a Sestertius for scale.


The LEU of the 1990s, especially the late period inflation notes remind me of the 1980s-90s Israeli shekelim ---- both are very aesthetic notes and very modern at the same time.

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