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Hello, new here but I wanted to ask people with more experience before I possibly spent money getting this coin graded. I received this coin in change years ago and have held on to since. It is quite obviously an error but is it worthy of keeping? Does it have value? Thanks very much, I greatly appreciate your assistance.



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You're a little off topic, since this is an ancient coin collecting forum, but I can provide some help.

Your coin is a misaligned die error (MAD).  This differs from a true off center in that only one side is struck of center.  Normally, these are common, but yours is more extreme than usual.  IMO, it's collectable and would probably retail for approx $5-10.  It's not worth grading, however.

As @DonnaML mentioned, there are other coin forums out there that concentrate on US coins (collectors universe, NGC, coin talk and others).  Your questions about US coins will get a much wider audience on those sites.

BTW, take a little time to check out the threads here.  There are lots of really cool ancient coins posted.  You may find them interesting. 

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