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A bunch of brockages


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Nice group, sometimes you can see more details on the "reverse" than on the obverse.

Here is one of the two I own.


Lydia, Hierokaisareia
Pseudo-autonomous issue
First half of the second century
Obv: draped bust of Artemis Persica right, with quiver at left shoulder, bow and arrow at breast
Rev.: incuse image of the obverse
AE, 3.15g, 16mm
Ref.: possibly the obverse of RPC online, Volume 3, 1863


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That is a very cool haul. From Kunker by any chance?

Recently Kunker (I presume from an anonymous collection) offered a whole bunch of brockages previously sold at CNG 54 (in 2000), the spectacular Phil DeVicci collection of brockages (79 coins). For anyone interested in the type, I highly recommend examining the catalog, it has some amazing types rarely seen. Of course there are some usual Roman Republican / Imperatorial denarii, but also a remarkable range of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine, including the unique Constantine XI AR Stavraton brockage (!), Koson AV Stater, Paduan Sestertius, and Tarentum Nomos from the collections of M.P. Vlasto (Athens, 1874-1936) & Fedor Ivanovich (Theodor) Prowe (Moscow, 1872-1932). The Vlasto-Prowe-Egger brockage was one of those in the recent Kunker sale; sadly I was an underbidder (nor did I win any of the others), but I enjoyed seeing them and reviewing the DeVicci Brockages again.

Notes and link from my "Plate Checks" file below:

  • CNG 54 [lIssuu] = 14 June 2004 = notable for starting w/ 79-lots of the incredible Phil DeVicci Brockages Collection (first , including many rare and dazzling types, Koson Stater, Julius Caesar Aureus (plus elephant & portrait denarii), Constantine XI Stavraton, everything in between (an original Paduan Sestertius, Greek, RRC, RIC, RPC, Byzantine, etc.), many rare varieties; at least 14 AR fractions of Tarentum from the M.P. Vlasto Collection;



Below is my coin, a brockage I bought from Aureo & Calicó Auction 339 (14 Nov 2019), 1398, part II of the Alba Longa [Fernandez-Molina] Collection. There was quite a nice run of RRC brockages (this was one of the few coins in the whole collection I could afford!). I think the brockages may be some of the only coins not illustrated in FFC (A Guide to the Denarii of the Roman Republic to Augustus, 2002, by Fernandez-Molina, J., M. Fernandez-Carrera, & X. Calico-Estivill).

I also found this one twice in the "Richard Schaefer Binders," available online from the ANS / Roman Republican Die Project, using photographs of the same coin from 1981 (A.N.E.-Calico: Asociacion Numismatica Española [Barcelona, 15 Dec 1981], Lot 508) and 1998 (Aureo 89 [4 Mar 1998], Lot 1345), mention of those sales entirely absent from Aureo y Calico 339 in 2019:



image.png.fdb441912d4e85fc4a32bc2600518ed7.png image.png.c088b7886e3d4a0b5d88325e0a74e206.png

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Faustina the Younger brockages!

Faustina Jr provincial brockage.jpg

Faustina II, AD 147-175.
Roman provincial Æ 23.9 mm, 7.93 g, 12 h.
Uncertain Balkan mint, c. AD 161-165.
Obv: ΦΑVCΤΕΙΝΑ CΕΒΑCΤΗ, draped bust, right, wearing circlet of pearls.
Rev: Brockage of obverse.

Faustina Jr MB brockage.jpg

Faustina II, AD 147-175.
Roman Æ dupondius, 13.10 g, 24.8 mm, 12 h.
Rome, c. AD 161-165.
Obv: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, draped bust, right, wearing stephane.
Rev: Brockage of obverse.
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I saw and admired that lot, @Victor_Clark!  I'm glad it went to you. 🙂 

Here's a Constantine reverse brockage I have from the Siscia mint:


11 hours ago, LouisvilleKYShop said:

This coin was an Ex Wayne Sales Error Collection Tetricus:
The brockage flan was not  centered on the top die so you get a normal obverse with a half brockage effect in my  opinion.  But if anyone has a second explanation I can be wrong of course. 
(20 mm, 2.87 grams)







My Saturninus denarius is a similar partial-brockage @LouisvilleKYShop.  I think your explanation is correct:


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