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I'll contribute a coin from Argos and my only Hera!


Argolis, Argos

Æ Dichalkon. Circa 280270/60

BCE Head of Hera

right, wearing stephane inscribed


Promachos left. BCD


3.90g, 18mm 6h.



And a laugh:


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A classic!



Here's a coin of Halos showing on the reverse Phrixos being taken by the flying ram to Colchis.  Phrixos later sacrifices the ram and gives its golden fleece to King Aeëtes of Colchis.  His four sons would eventually join the crew of the Argonauts. 


AE Dichalkon. 5.34g, 20.1mm.
THESSALY, Halos, 3rd century BC. Reinders Series 6; Rogers 241; BCD Thessaly 85; HGC 4, 4.
O: Diademed head of Zeus Laphystios (Zeus the ‘Devourer’) right.
R: ΑΛΕΩΝ, Phrixos hanging on to ram flying right; AX monogram to left.
Ex BCD Collection, tag noting "Thr. V. ex Thessaly, April 1993, SFr. 150"

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At least I have a "Sandal of Jason", it's below the horse. 


Larissa, Thessaly
AR Hemidrachm, 460–440 BC
Obv.: Thessalos to right, naked but for chlamys and petasos flying behind him, holding a band with both hands around the forehead of a bull leaping right that lifts him from the ground
Rev.: Bridled horse galloping left, its rein trailing below, Λ - ΑΡΙ in front and above, sandal of Jason below, all within incuse square.
Ag, 3.0g, 16-18mm
Ref.: Thessalian Hoards and the Coinage of Larissa, AJN 20, 2008, 137 Nr. 18.
Ex collection of Dr. Robert Friedinger-Pranter



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14 hours ago, zumbly said:

Ex BCD Collection, tag noting "Thr. V. ex Thessaly, April 1993, SFr. 150"

Mine was "T/ne coll., Sept. 90, Sfr. 185." I'd love to know what all that means some day! (I have a little database of known "codes." Haven't tried just reaching out to ask BCD yet.) 


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57 minutes ago, Curtis JJ said:

"T/ne coll., Sept. 90, Sfr. 185." I'd love to know what all that means some day!

I  don't know any thing about the T/ne collection, but obviously he bought it in Sept. 1990 and paid 185 Swiss francs

In another forum, he once answered a similar question for me. The letter code stands for the collector from whom he bought the coin, but he did not reveal the name. He only mentions that the abbreviation, in my case CC,  stands for "an old fellow and dealer who died ten years ago". 

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2 hours ago, shanxi said:

the T/ne collection, but obviously he bought it in Sept. 1990 and paid 185 Swiss francs

Sorry for the derail (albeit to discuss one of the 20th century's most enthusiastic collectors of Jason and the Argonauts!)

"T/ne coll." is the difficult part (I have a bunch of these). I'm not sure the collection referred to is that "of T/ne" since "T/ne" appears before many other terms on BCD's collection labels. I have yet to decode if “T/ne” is a specific individual (probably), or a firm/dealer, or possibly even a method of acquisition or something else (the prices do vary in denomination, not always SFr.).

Many BCD tags note coins purchased from so-and-so “through T/ne” ["Pr. fr. Ked. Apr. 89 (thr. T/ne) ex Thess., 35000 drs."] or “via T/ne” ["V. via T/ne ex Thessaly, Sept. 1996, SFr. 65.-"] or “T/ne ex.” so-and-so [“T/ne ex Fe. ex Thess., Aug. 89, 4000 drs.”] or frequently just “T/ne ex/ Thess” [here, for example, here, and MANY others]. Etc. Some of those are easy ("Pr. fr." = "Purchased from," which also indicates the tags' default language may be English, though BCD's first language is something else), and some apparent names might be decodable ("Ked." or "Fe.").

That's just one code. There are many others that reappear frequently on BCD Tags in literally 1,000s of combinations and with other terms: Th?.(TRz.), Th. S., M/d thz. ... 

Such as @zumbly's Thr. V ex Thess. I'd assume that's a recent stray find somewhere in Thessaly (most new finds would be made known to BCD through many intermediaries; think, the 20th cent. Giovanni Dattari of Thessalian coins).

(I should say, I don't want to reveal sensitive answers publicly. I hope BCD isn't bothered by people sharing the tags in forums. At least once BCD joined a thread to give some answers -- not an exact ID -- on the "GMRH" from his tags, and didn't seem opposed to the discussion in principle, but rather seemed to appreciate the opportunity to give biographical/historical detail. I'm sure many others in addition to me know who GMRH is, but I don't reveal it publicly since I'm not entirely sure it's okay [it seems like GMRH doesn't care, but let's please only name them in private conversation]. I even try to avoid gender-specific pronouns!)

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