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SARDES LYDIA AE15 Apollo and Club struck after 133 BC


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SARDES LYDIA AE15 Ancient Greece HOME OF CROESUS Apollo & Club


OBVERSE – Laureate head of Apollo, right.
REVERSE – Club within wreath

15.2 MM AND 3.80 GRAMS.
Sear 4736 (unsure)
Monogram is undetermined. There was some discussion on another thread here

The capital of the ancient Lydia, Sardes was one of the most interesting cities in Lydia with its monumental buildings and location. Some of the names that people who are into archaeology and mythology know by heart are directly related to Sardes: the ancient gold river Pactolus and Croesus whose name means wealth. He minted some of the first coinage in history.

The first settlers in Sardes were there in the second millennium B.C.,but the city gained importance after the7th century B.C. when it became the capital of the Lydians. Starting with the king Giges, Sardes reached its best times during Croesus in the 6th century B.C. Croesus was enormously wealthy. He created a highly civilized society and he also had intensive relations with the neighboring states. For example, it is known that he contributed much to the construction of the Artemis Temple,one of the Seven Wonders of the world .

Croesus was defeated in the middle of this century by the Persians. The Persian king Cyrus took the treasure back to his country. Sardes also marks the end of the famous King's Road which was used during the Persian invasion between Persia and Western Anatolia. Sardes was then one of the three governing cities in the region. As Alexander arrived in Anotalia in the 4th century B.C. , Sardes changed hands from Seleucids to Pergamum Kingdom and then to the Roman Empire.

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I have but one coin from this city. Faustina, of course!

Faustina I, AD 138-140.
Roman provincial Æ 20.6 mm, 4.46 g, 6 h.
Lydia, Sardis, AD 138-140.
Obv: ΦΑVϹΤΙΝΑ ϹΕΒΑϹΗ, bare-headed and draped bust of Faustina I, right.
Rev: ϹΑΡΔ-Ι-ΑΝΩΝ, Aphrodite standing left, holding apple and scepter.
Refs: RPC IV.2, 1427 (temporary); BMC 22.258, 140; SNG von Aulock 3153; SNG France 1240.

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Here are some more from Sardes/Sardeis:



Lydia, Sardeis
AE 17
Magistrate Polemon
Obv.: Laureate head of Herakles right
Rev.: Apollo standing left, holding raven in right hand, olive branch in left; ΠOΛEMΩN to left, ΣΑΡΔΙΑΝΩΝ to right.
AE, 16.9mm, 7.89g
Ref.: Laffaille 510?



Lydia, Sardeis
AE 16
Obv.: [ΓEΡM]ANIK[OΣ] KAIΣ[AΡ], Bare head left
Rev.: ΣΑΡΔΙΑΝΩΝ / ΜΝΑ−ΣΕΑΣ, Athena standing left, holding phiale
AE, 3.33g, 16 mm
Ref.: RPC 2993



Lydia, Sardeis
AE 27, 133-1 BC
Magistrate Artemidoros Moldi
Obv.: Draped bust of Artemis right; bow and quiver over shoulder
Rev.: ΣAPΔIANΩN, AΡTEMI ΔΩPOΣ MOΛΔI, Athena standing left, holding Nike, spear, and shield set on ground.
AE, 10.57g, 27mm
Ref.: SNG Munich 464, Waddington 5210




Lydia, Sardeis
AE 17, after 133 BC
Obv.: Wreathed head of young Dionysos right
Rev.: Wild animal (lion, panther or mythical creature) walking left, head facing, broken spear in mouth; ΣΑΡΔΙ/ΑΝΩΝ above, monogram below.
AE, 17 mm, 4.47g
Ref.: SNG Cop 464-465var, (monogram)

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