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Philip V, Macedon, Amphipolis, 221-179 B.C.


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I have been cleaning some 'old' (pardon the pun) coins and have been surprized at some of the finds.

Here I found a 221-179 B.C. Tetrachalcone of King Philip V, of Macedon. AE18mm., 4.43gm.

Obv: Head of hero Perseus right, wearing winged Griffin helmet

Rev: B A above Eagle standing left on a lightning bolt, wings open, head right. EP monogram to the left

Amphipolis mint

Ref: SNG Cop. 1276 var.


Magical Snap - 2022.08.02 10.56 - 070.jpg

Magical Snap - 2022.08.02 10.57 - 071.jpg

(This brings my 'Macedon' coin total to 60. Not something I was aiming for but something that just 'happened'.)

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