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Renaissance Wax - Before and After


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I have this coin of...somebody (Claudius? Tiberius? I was unsuccessful in my search - can't be that hard, how many coins have L-Z with an Apis bull? It's 22mm (probably a diobol) if you feel like taking a crack) that was in rough shape when I got it. Much of the patina was lost, splotchy, and otherwise muted and unappealing.




So I slathered some Ren Wax on it, and lo and behold... it changed the color somewhat. Didn't reveal a whole lot of additional detail, but this seems to be a common thing with Rex Wax - it "hydrates" (for lack of better words, I know there's no water in the compound) the "dry" parts of the coin, sort of like how wood looks like after some Old English.

The coin is still splotchy and unappealing, but now it looks a bit more normal, I think.


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That portrait definitely looks like Tiberius.

However, this came up in my search:



Roman Provincial
Domitian Æ Diobol of Alexandria, Egypt. Dated AD 92-93. 7.45 g. Laureate head r. / Apis bull standing r., LZ above. Emmett 279; RPC II 2581. 5.99g, 24mm, 12h. Very Fine.

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On 7/29/2022 at 7:56 PM, Curtis JJ said:

Wow, Alexandria wouldn't have been my first guess! Good find. 

I've found that typically coins with two letters (LZ, LA, etc) tend to be Alexandrian.  I couldn't find this particular one anywhere, but our boy @shanxi was a super hero! I was really not expecting Domitian.


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