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PHOKIS, Federal Coinage. Late 4th-early 3rd centuries BC


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PHOKIS, Federal Coinage. Late 4th-early 3rd centuries BC. AE about 14.5 mm.

Obverse Head of Athena facing slightly to left, wearing (crude) triple-crested Attic helmet.

Reverse Φ (Greek letter F) within olive wreath


I'm thinking that PHOKIS is also known as Phocis, and in modern Greek - Fokída.

Phocis, was an ancient region in the central part of Ancient Greece, which included Delphi.

A modern administrative unit, also called Phocis, is named after the ancient region, although the modern region (Fokída) is substantially larger than the ancient one.

Phocis was the country of the Phocians, who spoke their own version of Doric Greek, one of the three main dialects of ancient Greek. They were one of several small mountain states of Central Greece.


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Nice coin. I like these heads of Athena facing slightly left or right.

Here is another Phokis, Federal Coinage:


Phokaia, Phokis, Federal Coinage
AR Triobol, 354-352 BC
Obv.: Bull’s head facing
Rev.: Head of Apollo, lyre behind, Φ Ω below
Ag, 2.61g, 14.3mm
Ref.: BCD Lokris-Phokis 310.1, Williams 390, SNG Copenhagen 121-2


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Sweet, thenickelguy is at it again => congrats on the great new OP-coin

Oh, and great thread-addition, shanxi (great coin)


I also had a super coin from Phokis ... wanna see it?

=> abracadabra, Phokis-pocus!!


PHOKIS, Federal Coinage. AR Obol

Circa 478-460 BC

Diameter: 8 mm

Weight: 0.81 grams

Obverse: Facing head of bull

Reverse: Forepart of boar left within incuse square

Reference: Williams –; BCD Lokris 208 (this coin); HGC 4, 1062

Other: 7h … toned. Rare

Ex-stevex6 … From the estate of Thomas Bentley Cederlind


Phokis Federal Coinage Bull & Pig.jpg

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Nice one Nickel Dude!  I struggle with these since I want to identify it with a city and not a region. 

Here's a similar one to yours.


Phokis, Federal Coinage. Phokian League Circa 371-357 BC

Obv: Head of Athena facing.
Rev: Phi within wreath.
AE 13mm.
Struck under Phalaikos or later

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